The obsolete geek

The obsolete geek

Computer hunting ep1: discount sales – obsolete geek

I don’t have any computers for sale or to give away. Although it is true that I used to own a computer store, I sold out of everything in 2012, so I haven’t had any computer inventory to sell in a long time. In terms of the computers I collect for my channel, I simply do not collect extras because I have so little space. I would not carry the machine into the office if I do not need it.
The simple answer is no. I get requests almost every day asking me to accept all donations and give the ones I don’t want to someone else. Alternatively, you might simply have the person’s address and have the donations sent to them. This isn’t the first time anyone has spoken about it. People are, however, willing to pay shipping costs and give up rare items in order to see their old equipment featured on my YouTube channel. They’d only sell the items on eBay if they didn’t have to. So, no, I’m not going to ask someone to help me with this.

The fairchild channel f – obsolete geek

Hi, and welcome to Geeks Vs Loneliness, our weekly show where we talk about the ups and downs of being human. This week, I’m dreaming about getting older, Batman, and dancing like no one’s looking.
My generation has earned the moniker “squeezed center.” My middle, on the other hand, is squeezing its way out of my skin in fresh and unwelcome directions right now. Gravity is taking its toll on my ligaments. When do I make the transition from the frilly side of M&S lingerie to the beige boulder holders across the aisle? For the time being, I’m sticking to the silk and satin of my childhood. Even with the physiotherapy referral dangling like an ill-fitting bra from my creaking left arm.
Then there’s the matter of my brows. It’s as if Wolverine has shed his skin on them. He’s now encroaching on my cheek. Bristles are rising in areas where the sun shines brilliantly, exposing them for all to see. This isn’t my face.
It’s no longer important. Is that how Batman looked when he saw Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, with his primary colors and virulent kiss curl? The entire movie is a manifestation of a mid-life crisis in which he wishes to knock the younger, fitter, cloak-flinging stud down a peg or two. Ideally, by stomping on him in those colossal platform goth boots. Nobody wants to be the hero from the previous year. And with a Batmobile to drive around in.

Computer hunting ep6: apple picking – obsolete geek

Smith, the CEO and founder of Axon, formerly known as TASER International, said, “Our track record for solving big problems with technology is very good.” As an example, he uses the AIDS/HIV epidemic. No one attempted to legislate safer sex in order to avoid the disease’s dissemination and lethality. Instead, scientists developed effective therapies and drugs to prevent and cure the disease.
Smith formed his business in 1993, fresh off of receiving his Harvard University degrees, which included two Master’s degrees and a Bachelor’s degree in biology. After completing his Master’s degree in Belgium, he founded TASER International at the age of 23.
“I found that some of my European classmates were afraid to visit the United States because of the widespread gun violence they had witnessed on television,” he explained. “I’d just lost two high school buddies to gun abuse, and I knew there had to be a better way to settle conflict than firing shrapnel at each other.”
He made contact with Jack Cover, a NASA Apollo scientist and the inventor of the first Taser device, which used electricity to make people unconscious. His startup built an updated version of the system in a garage in Tucson, Ariz., which is now standard equipment for the majority of police officers in North America and is spreading globally.

The mockingboard 4c for the apple iic – obsolete geek

Oh, dear, I tried something I’d been worrying about for a long time tonight. Using an Indy as a network-only MP3 player. It currently boots IRIX 5.3 from its hard drive, but it will eventually netboot from my fileserver, which also contains my MP3s. It currently plays MP3s and sends them digitally (! an early 1990s unit with coaxial digital out, no kidding) to my DSP, where they are played in my stereo (on my Stax) 😀 …and yes, I used this as a base, making it a ‘webcam-server’ at the same time… UPDATE: You will find the completed project here.

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