The secret currency

The secret currency

The secret currency by tom barrett

We are used to seeing money on a regular basis. However, how closely do we analyze the bills we pass around on a regular basis? Banknotes commemorate historical events and leaders all over the world, from Prime Ministers to Olympic medalists.
The Bank of Thailand will launch its newest commemorative banknotes on September 20th. The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej was commemorated with these banknotes. Beginning in the wake of Thailand’s occupation by Japan during WWII, Bhumibol ruled for seven decades. His image will appear on 20 baht, 50 baht, 100 baht, 500 baht, and 1,000 baht banknotes.
Brunei Darussalam and Singapore issued a series of banknotes to mark the 50th anniversary of the Currency Interchangeability Agreement. The front features significant flowers from each country in full bloom, symbolizing the two countries’ blossoming friendship. The back of the card portrays the close relations that exist between the two nations.
This year, Canada commemorated the 150th anniversary of Confederation with a commemorative note. Although this banknote continues the tradition of featuring Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, which began in 1971, it also contains several other figures from the country’s rich past. The names of all of Canada’s provinces and territories, as well as when they joined the Confederation, are also shown on the front.

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Mining stocks, mutual funds, options, futures, or bullion have little to do with it. Instead, it’s a form of currency used by many of the world’s wealthiest families for centuries. It isn’t, however, out of date or obsolete. Hundreds of affluent families continue to use this investment to expand and protect their wealth. As an example…
Investors who took advantage of the hidden currency saw gains of 665 percent between 1987 and 1989. Stocks, on the other hand, were on a roller coaster trip at this period, going up and down hundreds of times (sound familiar?).
The hidden currency ranked No. 1 in the Salomon Brothers annual investment survey the last time it was included, with an annual return of 17.3 percent over the previous 20 years. In other words, over the previous 20 years, it was the single most profitable thing you could do with your capital.
You can literally make as much money as you like with the hidden currency. I understand if you think I’m exaggerating. If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve likely never heard of it. No one else is likely to warn you about it, including your broker. Why would they want to? They have no financial motive to tell you to invest in it.

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Such were the words drilled into the mind of 17-year-old Xiao Fu. Those are the terms that rule the town of Xin Yulin, a secluded village where residents trade their secrets for magic and riches with the local matriarch. Unfortunately, the matriarch is also Xiao Fu’s stern and overbearing mentor—and Xiao Fu has her own secrets that she intends to keep to herself.
Except in Xin Yulin, the bian-gui turns out to be the least dangerous threat. When the town’s knowledge-based magic system begins to collapse, Xiao Fu soon learns that the true monsters are always located close to home. Xiao Fu makes a bargain with the unnervingly empathetic bian-gui because he can’t trust any of the secretive humans obsessed with hoarding information to trade. In exchange for a safe journey Outside, she’ll assist the demon in infiltrating Xin Yulin’s heart, where they can both shatter the town’s hidden currency system.

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