The surge pax

The surge pax

The surge – pax boss fight [boss fight #1]

The Surge’s first major objective is to obtain entry to the factories in order to learn more about what happened at CREO. After completing the game’s first area and restoring power to the Power Plant, you’ll have to fight your way through the Surge’s first boss until boarding the Maglev Train and making your way to the factories. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about taking on and defeating P.A.X, The Surge’s first boss, in this post.
P.A.X is unlike any other adversary you’ve seen so far in The Surge. P.A.X is the first real look at the giant mechs that CREO has become famous for, unlike past enemies that have always been humans in Exo-Rigs. P.A.X is much taller than Warren, and his arms and oversized legs give him a long reach. Staying close to P.A.X while still being mindful of where his attacks are coming from will be key in this battle.
The orange bar underneath P.A.X’s health bar is one of the most important items to pay attention to in this war. When you first start battling P.A.X, you can find that his wellbeing does not decrease at all. This is due to the fact that you must strike him in his weak spot, the head.

The surge – boss #1 – p.a.x – showcase (how to beat the first

PAX is more of a puzzle than a boss battle. Begin by going after his legs. The boss’s health would not deteriorate in any way. However, under the health bar, an orange bar will begin to fill. PAX will have to vent his systems until you’ve gathered enough resources.
Take a swing whenever you get the chance and dance around the boss. PAX enjoys swinging his massive arms at you. When you come too close to him, he tries to stomp on you. Take a few swings and then leap away. Once PAX has taken some harm, it will attempt to kick you. Strike from the backside and be a bit more cautious.
PAX’s best chance to destroy you will be venting, but it will also be its downfall. PAX will flee to another part of the arena and fire missiles into the air. If you do not seek cover, these missiles will track you and destroy you. Run as quickly as you can and take cover under PAX. The missiles would collide with the boss, knocking it down.
The central motor of PAX will be revealed once it lands. For as long as you can, whale on it. PAX will eventually stand up and the war will continue. Go on in this manner until the boss passes away. Take its arm-sword and keep it as a memento.

The surge – how to defeat p.a.x boss?

P.A.X. is a massive Metal Gear-style mech with a knack for hurling missile volleys and leaping great distances with the aid of his rocket boosters. He’s a massive guy. He’s a jerk. And he’s much more powerful than anything else you’ve come across so far in the game.
P.A.X. has a large arsenal of moves at his disposal and hits hard. He’s a bit of a test, but facing him is a perfect way to improve your dodging skills. And learning a strong defense is the only way to progress in The Surge, as things can only get more difficult from here.
Rush towards the beast and latch onto one of his two legs once you’ve entered P.A.X.’s chamber. However, don’t get too close because he has a nasty habit of slashing you in the face with his bladed arms, destroying your health bar. The trick is to close in quickly and loop strafe behind P.A.X. once he’s been identified. He’ll try to shake you, so make an evasive run to land directly behind him.
P.A.X. will start stomping his feet as soon as you get into position. He may only stop once, or he may alternate legs many times. The key is to keep pummeling his legs from behind, fast and hard. When doing so, make sure to turn to the leg that isn’t elevated to avoid being caught under his massive metal hooves. He’ll sometimes shake you by leaping backwards with his boosters. You’ll be fine if you just go back to the first move of the war and restart your attack.

The surge | how to beat first boss pax v2.0 | guide

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P.A.X is the first boss in The Surge, and his height makes him intimidating at first. You should be at least core level 20 before you begin, which will cost you about 21,000 tech scrap. You should also upgrade your weapon of choice to MK.1, which will cost you around 150 tech scrap and 9 weapon scrap.
P.A.X. will emerge from a pile of debri and trash to your left once you reach the arena. DO NOT confront him in the corner; instead, draw him to the center of the room, dodging his blades to get underneath him. When the orange lower bar is complete, P.A.X. will hop away from you and start shooting missiles; as soon as he does, run between his legs and the missiles will reach P.A.X., surprising him and forcing him to the ground. Move up to his head and begin attacking; this will deplete his health. You won’t be able to kill him in the first phase; you’ll need to knock him out at least three times before you can kill him. When P.A.X. dies, you’ll get 10,000 tech waste, one of his blades, and the key to the next area’s lift. Hardcore Assassination Instead of using the missle tool, you can kill P.A.X. by hitting his legs and knocking him down if you’re feeling lucky or on a second playthrough. To do this, touch the other leg as P.A.X. lifts his leg to stomp you. P.A.X. should collapse to the ground and be shocked, allowing you to strike his heart.

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