Thief hand tailored

Thief hand tailored

Thief – ector’s client job 1: hand tailored (what’s yours is mine)

You’ll meet a couple of fascinating clients along the way in the new Thief reboot’s adventures who have a few jobs for you to do, and obviously their pockets are big enough to give you a handsome reward in exchange.
That’s a deal most of us would gladly accept, because Thief is all about taking your time, shifting from one shadow to the next, and using your resources and surroundings to complete your task.
Ector is a dedicated inventor who is eager to see his mechanical automatons come to life. He’s willing to pay you a lot of money to find him some complicated gadgets so that he can realize his romantic dream.
Ector’s Emporium is located in Stonemarket, just north of the clock tower. After completing Basso’s “Machination” side-job, which is available after completing the first Chapter, you’ll meet Ector.
This ring-treasures master’s have been stolen, and he requests your assistance in reclaiming them. Of course, he’ll compensate you handsomely for your efforts, making this a worthwhile task.

Thief – hand tailored walkthrough, all collectibles

So, let me double-check that I’m understanding you correctly. You have 24/24 “Loot Found” on the stats screen at the end of the task, but just 96 percent on the “Thieving Challenges” side. Is that correct? You have an issue if this is the case. If you’re having this problem, I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for you. This is the first time I’ve heard about anything like this happening. It’s another bug to add to the list. In any case, please let me know what happens so that I can confirm or deny this. I was wondering if you got all three collectibles. You’d have 96 percent of “All Loot Products” if you just had two of them.

Thief – ector client job – hand tailored – master – ghost

Ector’s client’s job title is “Hand-Tailored.”

Thief -07- ector client job: hand tailored

The Statuesque Lady is Whiteridge’s first duty.

Thief – hand tailored (ector client job 1/3)

After picking the lock in Alphonso’s Workshop, go to the bedroom and look in the top drawer of the nightstand to the left of the bed.

Thief – ector’s client job 1: hand tailored – all collectibles

2: Montonessi’s Court: Guilt Has Black Wings

Thief 4 – hand tailored complete: alfonso attires (steal

This painting of a crow can easily be found among the hanging drawings in the tailor’s shop on the second floor.

Thief client job – ector 1 (hand tailored) location

3: Mechanical Hand Client Loot

Thief 2014 ector missions hand tailored all loot

The Automaton’s hand can be found in the tailor’s shop’s safe, which is located in the corner of the cellar. Since it is the chapter’s objective, you must retrieve it in order to complete it. Go to the next section:

Thief – ector’s client job 1 – hand tailored walkthrough

Hand Tailored is the first of Thief’s client work, and you’ll have to deal with four vicious Eelbiters as well as the tailor himself. You’ll need to complete this task without being detected in order to get the most rewards from the quest. We’ll guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, ensuring that you get the Thieving Challenge: While you’re at it, pick 5 pockets.
Take the Mechanical Hand of the Automaton.
Before you approve this side job from Ector, you must have completed the Lockdown chapter of Thief. As soon as you’ve accepted the quest, listen in on a conversation between a city resident and an Eelbiter. The civilian will approach you after they’ve done nattering, but he won’t give the game away, so ignore him.
When you return to the main floor through the stairwell, you’ll find the last Eelbiter thrashing the tailor. Until creeping up behind the Eelbiter, picking his pocket, and knocking him down, wait until the tailor hits the ground. Now loot the room thoroughly before exiting through the front door and returning to where you began. It’s over!

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