Thor with lightning

Thor with lightning

(marvel) thor – lightning and thunder [extended]

Thor: Ragnarok concludes with Thor discovering that he possesses the power of lightning and that he can summon/call/create it. Why didn’t he use this to battle Thanos in the first scene of Avengers: Infinity War? He seemed to go through all of this growth in the Thor movie, only to forget about it at a crucial point.
Thor’s abilities are derived from Asgard. Alternatively, the Asgardians themselves, as Ragnarok explained. Thor might have, and possibly did, use his lightning when Thanos first attacked. In Ragnarok, we only see the immediate moments before the case, and in Infinity War, we only see the aftermath.
Even during the final battle of Infinity War, when Thor was lying around with lightning and incorporating it into his axe assault against Thanos, there’s no hint that Thanos is bothered by the lightning.
When you’re up against a massed foot assault of weak base creatures (Chitauri, Leviathans, Outriders), lightning is a fantastic weapon. But it hasn’t been a game changer against someone powerful (Iron Man, Hela, Thanos).

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Thor (/r/; from Old Norse: órr) is a hammer-wielding god synonymous with lightning, thunder, winds, sacred groves and trees, power, mankind’s defense, as well as hallowing and fertility in Germanic mythology. Aside from Old Norse órr, the god’s extensions can be found in Old English as unor and Old High German as Donar. All forms of the god come from the Common Germanic word *unraz, which means ‘thunder.’
The theonyms órr (Old Norse), Donar (Old High German), unor (Old English), Thuner (Old Frisian), and Thunar (Old Saxon) are cognates, or linguistic siblings.
[two] They are derived from the Proto-Germanic masculine noun *unraz (‘thunder’), which is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *(s)tenh2-, which has other cognates in the Celtic god Taranis (by metathesis of *Tonaros) or the Latin epithet Tonans (attached to Jupiter). [4] According to scholar Peter Jackson, those theonyms may have arose from the fossilization of a Proto-Indo-European thunder-god *Perkwunos’ initial epithet (or epiclesis). (5)

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Captain America (Chris Evans) was able to summon lightning with Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) hammer in Avengers: Endgame, according to current Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott. Cap uses Mjolnir to save Thor from Thanos, then uses the hammer to bring down lightning on Thanos during a one-on-one battle, which is one of the film’s most famous scenes. Few people in the MCU have been able to wield Mjolnir, with the exception of Thor and Vision (Paul Bettany). Only those considered worthy have been able to do so. It says a lot about Captain America’s character that he was able to.
Christopher Markus, a co-writer on Endgame, admitted last week that Captain America’s use of Mjolnir is a plot hole. Although it was previously thought that Thor’s lightning abilities were derived from Mjolnir, Thor’s abilities were revealed to be independent of the hammer in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. It was a pivotal moment in his life, one that the God of Thunder desperately needed. This, however, created an issue for Steve’s big Endgame moment. Markus stated that they were aware of the plot hole while writing the film, but chose to overlook it in favor of preserving the moment because they knew it would be incredible to witness.

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