Tigerdirect power supply

Tigerdirect power supply

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Ultra Products began in 1991 with the acquisition of MidWest Micro, a PC builder based in Fletcher, Ohio. MidWest Micro’s white-box personal and desktop computers were marketed under the Ultra brand name through their Infotel computer software distribution division. Global Industrial Products bought Infotel and MidWest Micro in late 1997 and started to market products under the Ultra brand. Global changed its name to Systemax in 1999, and Global Industrial became a subsidiary of Systemax. LCD monitors have been added to the Ultra Products brand.
Systemax was the sole importer of Chieftec computer cases in the United States in 2002. The cases were used for Systemax builds and sold to DIY users via Systemax’s Tiger Direct retail outlet, but Systemax will have to sell to other retailers in direct competition with Tiger Direct in order to transfer the quantity of product needed to retain exclusive distribution rights. As a result, ChieftecUSA was established in 2002.

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It’s a no-name PSU with an Ultra logo slapped on the side, made of cheap components. The “normal” price is ridiculous. In the same price range, basic Corsair or Antec PSUs with lower power ratings (though it’s doubtful you’ll find modular this cheap) will have more real power, keep your system more reliable, and last longer.
I’ve tried some of the Ultra brand’s other items, and they seem to work well. It’s not bad if you need a cheap power supply. It’s modular, has two 6-Pin/8-Pin PCI-Express connectors, and provides 26A on both 12V channels. Unless you’re developing a high-end gaming device, I believe it’ll suffice. In my old P4 laptop, I have a no-name PSU that is still going strong after more than ten years.

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The Ultra linked is a different model number from the one HardOCP or Jonnyguru.com checked, and it’s entirely possible that it’s been seriously hampered after Madmat and Paul Johnson reviewed the models.
If we’re talking about the whole product line, Ultra isn’t even worthy of being named alongside Corsair or Thermaltake. 90% of what Ultra sells is utter nonsense. The X3 line, on the other hand, is excellent, and I believe the model that madmat and Paul Johnson tested is superior to the Corsair HX1000, Thermaltake XT, and Toughpower lines. Apart from the X3 and a few EE PRo lines, all Corsair sells is superior, and the Thermaltake XT, Toughpower, and Extreme Power RX lines are all superior.
One of the things that concerns me the most is the noise level. I have a 650Watt Corsair that is very quiet. Another concern is. How about the guarantee? Is this something that will last a lifetime? However, I’ve never heard of Ultra; do you think they’ll be around in 4-5 years to honor it?

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What the hell is going on in this place!? Since all of the old videos have vanished, this does not seem to be a positive situation. Since the Community page still displays one tech-related post as a clue of what it was before it was hacked, it’s definitely the original TigerDirect YouTube channel. The majority of the channel subscriptions are also related to technology.
It’s not because they’re dealing with some obscure youtuber; it’s because they’re dealing with another corporation. Take a look at how they treated the HUB “suspicious behavior” shadowban – sending automatic emails to email accounts that may have been hacked. Since Steve from HUB went on vacation and YouTube flagged it as a compromised account, half of the month’s ad revenue was blocked.

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