Tous westland mall

Tous westland mall

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1675 West 49th Street, Hialeah, Florida – FL 33012. Tous store or outlet store in Hialeah, Florida – Westland Mall location, address: 1675 West 49th Street, Hialeah, Florida – FL 33012. Hours, places, online statistics, and user ratings and reviews are all available. Save money on Tous by looking for a supermarket or outlet near you.
I’m enraged to the point of anger! My husband bought me a necklace and earrings from Toys R Us yesterday, and we exchanged them for earrings the same day. The necklace and earrings were 196, so we traded them for 119 + tax 127 earrings. She returned 69 to us. My husband returned them the next day because I just didn’t think they were worth 127 dollars. When he returns them (WITH RECITE), this lady has the audacity to try to give him just 69 dollars back!!! We argued there for an hour before we got on the phone with the lady who had sold it to us that day. She eventually returned our money and apologised. She had been very disrespectful in the past, and I simply did not want to accept her apologies!!! The earrings were beautiful, but I couldn’t afford them. I WILL CALL TMM TO Talk WITH THE MANAGER BECAUSE I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS Shop!

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TOUS is hiring sales associates for our Westland Mall location. The sales associate’s primary role is to provide courteous, informative assistance to customers and to sell/upsell goods that are suitable for their needs. Cashiering, stocking, and addressing customer issues are among the other responsibilities. The ideal candidate is goal-oriented, eager to acquire new customers, and enthusiastic about contributing to top-line sales growth. Prerequisites:
The perfect salesperson would be able to:
Basic Requirements:
Physical Exertions:
Preferable Requirements: TOUS is a well-known brand. TOUS is a high-end luxury brand with an affordable price tag. We stay true to our original ideals as jewelers, which date back to 1920, with the help of a committed and dedicated team. In each country where the brand is sold, we have managed to listen to our customers, win their confidence, and adjust to their needs. We’ve grown so that we can continue to surprise our customers with creativity and design while never losing sight of our core values. We blend cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship as part of our vocation and heritage. TOUS is on a quest to become the world’s most popular and coveted jewelry and accessory company. We have a long road ahead of us, but with the new generations in TOUS, we are ready and eager to take on this challenge. Benefits include commission on individual purchases, paid time off, and a 401(k) plan after one year of work, as well as a 30% discount on products.

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The West Coast is one of the best places in the country to find high-quality pounamu (greenstone/jade) carvings, pottery, glass art, paintings, and other pieces. The West Coast’s pioneering, self-sufficient culture and past have a profound impact on the artists who work here. The ‘Coast,’ as locals refer to it, is steeped in Maori culture and mythology, which informs many of the myths and styles found in carvings, paintings, and other works of art. The novel ‘The Luminaries,’ set in the 1860s West Coast gold rush period, won the Man Booker Prize in 2013, firmly establishing this area on the map.
Visiting Hokitika is like taking a step back in time; the small town was built after the discovery of gold in the mid-1800s, and many of the original buildings have been preserved. This is the place to go if you’re looking for genuine New Zealand souvenirs. The streets are lined with gold jewelers, wood turners, and boutiques full of one-of-a-kind pottery pieces, but this town is known for pounamu (greenstone). Working carvers can be found in many art and craft shops who can tell you about the stone they are carving, where it came from, and the story behind the design they are carving. Buying Pounamu for yourself is considered bad luck in Maori culture, so make sure you have someone to buy it for you.

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It’s a huge decision to decide where to shop on Black Friday. Are you willing to risk your sanity in order to take advantage of all the outlet store bargains? Is Black Friday more of a relaxing family outing, with all your aunts, grandparents, and kids coming out for a little shopping and maybe brunch?
It’s a difficult decision to make. Although your favorite shopping mall might be suitable for a daily shopping trip, it may not be on Black Friday. Similarly, the most obvious mall might not be the best, because what good is a discount if you can’t find parking?
We’ve ranked the eight best malls to shop on Black Friday to make your decision easier. Our decision was based on a number of factors, including the number of high-quality shops, parking options, and ways to keep family members who aren’t shopping happy (e.g., grumpy and hungry husbands, bored and hyper children). And you should actually know where you’re going before we unleash our glorious list of Black Friday deals in Miami.

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