Trade value chart week 9

Trade value chart week 9

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Week 9 Fantasy Trade Value Chart Justin Boone is a musician from the United States. 5 months ago Getty Images/Sarah Stier Getty Images/Sport In the NFL Fantasy News section, you can find positional rankings, additional analysis, and subscribe to push notifications. The Trade Value Chart is provided to assist you in locating trades that might strengthen your fantasy team. This graph can be used to compare players and create fair trade offers. The values are calculated using 12-team leagues. To see the trade values and rest of season rankings for each spot, click on the links below. Quarterbacks | Running Backs | Wide Receivers | Tight Ends

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This is my take on a trade value map. Values are based on a 12 player, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, regular scoring league, and are measured using select rest of season data from
I recommend adapting them for your own league dynamics and settings: if quarterbacks are in higher demand in your league, add X points to quarterbacks; if you start three wide receivers, add Y points to wide receivers.
The debate margin is +/- 2 points, so any trade within 4 points is fair to me. This is just a starting point for evaluating trades and having a conversation.

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The dynasty trade value map is designed for a 12-team PPR league with one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, and a flex starting position. It’s mostly intended to be used as a trade guide, but it’s also useful for rookie and startup drafts. The deal is considered even though the players and picks on both sides of the trade offer add up to about the same amount. If you get a trade offer that gives you players with a higher total number value than the players you’re giving up, you should seriously consider it.
The numbers next to each player’s name represent a combination of predicted 2016 value and future value (2017 and beyond). The formula is based on expected points per game minus replacement-level scoring. Julio Jones, for example, scored 23 points per game in 2015, while replacement-level wide receiver output was 12 points per game. Jones thus delivered 11 points (23 minus 12) of value to his owners in 2015. Jones’ estimated value for 2016 (9) and beyond (37), when added together, is 46 points. Check out the first Dynasty Trade Value Chart from two years ago for a more in-depth look at the mechanism behind the madness.

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The NFL trade deadline has passed, but depending on your league, the fantasy football trade deadline is approaching as well. It’s time to take some chances in the hopes of making the playoffs, and here’s one way to do so.
Every week, uses a trade value map to assist owners in finding the best deals. Each player is given a number, and the numbers must fit in order to make a fair trade. Take note of both the norm and PPR values for each player on the list.
When a player like Ezekiel Elliott has a standard value of 41 and a PPR value of 43, you must add up enough points to equal or surpass that value in order to trade for him. According to, here are a few players with the best value at each spot.
When you combine players, you have a better chance of not losing a player that is too important to you while also adding a great player. Tight ends are the easiest players to trade for based on value. They have even smaller numbers than receivers or running backs.

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