Tradeco media group

Tradeco media group

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“We link businesses looking to donate goods with charities that can use them,” said Gary C. Smith, president and CEO of the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources, the country’s largest gifts-in-kind nonprofit.
Tradeco provides dinnerware to food service wholesalers as a member of the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers. Plass formed Tradeco in 1987 after his previous employer was acquired by a larger organization.
Plass was able to support his own company by obtaining a tax credit for his contribution, as well as assist charities that have been stretched to their limits as contributions have dwindled, by donating through a gifts-in-kind organization.
More than 8,000 U.S. companies have donated surplus inventory to NAEIR, which has redistributed more than $3 billion in goods to charities and colleges. Businesses like Tradeco can get a federal income tax deduction by contributing fresh, surplus inventory to NAEIR under Section 170 (e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Regular C companies may subtract the cost of donated inventory plus half of the difference between cost and fair market value, according to the IRS Code. Deductions can be up to twice as much as the cost. Companies that are organized as a S corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship are eligible for a straight expense deduction, which could be greater than the amount they would receive if they went through a liquidator.

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Germán Efromovich, an entrepreneur with dual citizenship in Brazil, Colombia, and Poland, founded and owns Synergy Group Corp., a South American conglomerate.

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[1] The company’s headquarters are in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

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[2] It owns and operates many airlines in South America, including Avianca Holdings, in which it has a 66.66 percent stake[3], and is involved in oil and gas exploration in the country. It also works in hydroelectric power generation, telecommunications infrastructure construction, shipbuilding and technical inspections, radiochemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, agriculture, and hospitality. [4] Synergy Group had merged TACA’s airlines and businesses with Avianca’s under the name Avianca Holdings. The Synergy Group holds a 66.66 percent stake in the newly formed subsidiary. The remaining 33.33 percent of Avianca-TACA is owned by Kingsland Holding (El Salvador)[5]. [number six] [7] Synergy Aerospace Corp., a Synergy Group subsidiary, is based in Bogota, Colombia. [8] It is Avianca Holdings’ largest shareholder. Avianca and Tampa Cargo in Colombia, Avianca Brasil, VarigLog and Synerjet in Brazil, VIP and AeroGal in Ecuador, and Grupo TACA in El Salvador are among the company’s eight airlines. [7] Synergy Aerospace Corp. founded Synergy Aerospace Europe in November 2012.

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Federico Martnez Urmeneta founded Tradeco in 1992 after graduating from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a law degree in 1991. Tradeco Ambiental, ITECSA, Marcadores de Pavimento, and BestLabor are the company’s four subsidiaries. He has overseen some of Mexico’s most ambitious infrastructure projects as President of Tradeco, which includes highways, bridges, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing plants, oil pipelines, water transportation, and fiber optics, among other things.
Mexico’s economy has grown to become one of the largest and most prosperous in the Americas, with a stable growth rate and a leading role as a producer of vital natural resources. The main engines propelling strong socio-economic growth are its geostrategic position, mineral resources, manufacturing base, and prudent economic management.
TBY speaks with Carlos Guzmán Bofill, Director General and CEO of ProMéxico, about the organization’s robust promotion network, Mexico’s dedication to free trade, and the country’s bright economic prospects in the coming decades.

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