Trader millions by the minute

Trader millions by the minute

Day trader turns $10,000 to $1 million (3500% roi!)

I watched “Traders: Millions by the Minute,” which is currently available on BBC iPlayer, the day before yesterday. This is the first of a two-part series on financial trading. If you’re even remotely involved in investing, this is a must-see.
The first episode delves into the world of professional trading, with some mildly amusing and even factual elements. It also introduces us to a group of aspiring traders who have enrolled in a four-month trading course offered by a well-dressed city company.
However, things get a lot more interesting in episode two, as the emphasis shifts to punters who are trading at home, on their own accounts, or are about to start. We’re talking about day traders here. People who have seen the flashy cars and watches and have wanted to get in on the action.
She’s been doing it for a year and seems to have learned little. Here’s a grown woman, ostensibly qualified, a nurse, somebody you’d put your wellbeing in the hands of, about to ‘invest’ £6,000 of her hard-earned cash in pure guesswork.

Million dollar traders – part 2 | british reality tv series

Traders: Millions by the Minute, a two-part BBC documentary series, premiered this evening. In Chicago, New York, London, and Amsterdam, we see pit, hedge fund, electronic, and algo traders at work. Pit traders in the grain commodity markets also congregate at Chicago’s CBOT. Despite the fact that many markets around the world have gone electronic, some commodities still have enough liquidity for face-to-face trading.
The majority of trading, however, is now conducted electronically, either by humans at a computer screen or by algorithms that do not need human interaction. Amplify Trading, an electronic trading company in London, is educating newcomers with mixed results. I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself among the trainees, some of whom are afraid of trading and others who trade excessively. A select few pass and are offered jobs at Amplify or the opportunity to trade on their own accounts.
The New York hedge fund trader was less important, as we saw more of her family and philanthropic activities than her work. The high-frequency trading in Amsterdam may have been more interesting, but a computer trading at the microsecond stage is certainly not worth watching on TV.

The day trader who turned $13,600 into $153

A two-part BBC documentary series that takes viewers inside the fast-paced and intensely competitive world of financial traders in London, New York, Chicago, and Amsterdam. Against a backdrop of nonstop news, globalised economies, and the proliferation of ultra-fast machines capable of putting millions of trades at a time, the film provides a rare, intimate portrait of what life is like for the people who do this lucrative yet exhausting work.
Will and Piers, two London day traders, use their knowledge to teach others how to profit from small market movements. However, they caution their new trainees that mastering the psychological and emotional skills needed for trading would be much more difficult than mastering the technicalities. Karen, a Manhattan hedge fund manager who juggles two sets of twins, a full social calendar, and her $200 million fund, claims that money is power and making it is fun. Bob has spent more than three decades shouting out his trades and jostling for position on Chicago’s cattle futures trading board, but he believes it is time to wean himself off his addiction. In the end, it’s a tale about wealth, desire, and emotion.

Legendary traders – bnf (takashi kotegawa)

Karen, a Manhattan hedge fund manager, believes that money is strength, and she proves it every day as she deals with two sets of twins, a full social calendar, and her $200 million fund. Bob has spent more than thirty years vying for spot on Chicago’s cattle futures trading board, but he now feels it’s time to kick his “trading addiction.” Will and Piers use their knowledge to teach others how to profit from small movements in London’s markets.
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Traders: Millions By The Minute is a documentary that looks at the fast-paced and highly competitive world of financial traders and features interviews with men and women who work in London, New York, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

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