Trader stardew valley

Trader stardew valley

New desert trader in stardew valley 1.4 update | new items

Hi there! I’m in the early stages of my latest playthrough and had planned to do a one-year community center. All was going swimmingly until I realized I had forgotten to bring a poppy to Summer! I checked ahead of time to see if the traveling merchant might have a poppy or poppy seed for sale, just to make sure I hadn’t missed my chance. On the 21st of September, she sells me a poppy seed. Now I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get this seed in Fall 21. Can she sell it before Fall 21 regardless of what I do? Or do I have to abandon my save? I’m not familiar with the rng mechanics in Stardew Valley. Thank you so much!
You’ll never get anything from the cart because she’ll have the same stock all day, no matter what, and when you restart the save, it’ll have the same things (by restart I mean exiting to the menu during that day and reloading the save) On X day, nothing is guaranteed. EDIT: There’s no need to uninstall your save; you can just make a new one the following year.
I made a backup of the save and went to bed before I find one 🙁 I recently read that traveling merchant rng had something to do with game ID, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant, so I came here… I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Stardew valley live! ginger island progression!

Stardew Valley is a world unto itself. This game teaches you everything you need to know about farming, mining, and other topics. The game has its own virtual system that determines when it will rain, change seasons, or snow, among other things. The bottom line is that you can do something in Stardew Valley that you can do in the real world, which is why it is so famous. The travelling cart, which is run by the travelling merchant, is one of the many things you can do in the game that sometimes confuses people. The majority of the time, players have no idea when or where they will use the cart. As a result of this tutorial, you can gain a better understanding of the moving cart. So, without further ado, here we go:
A portable shop occupied by a traveling merchant is known as a traveling cart. The traveling cart is important for progressing through the game, and you’ll need it in almost every level. The cart is made of a purple wagon with a gleaming top. There is also a small chimney where the smoke can be seen rising. The point of telling you all about the cart is to help you recognize it as soon as you see it. The pig pulls the cart, and the merchant is inside the carriage, visible through the cart’s doors.

Stardew valley happyland 162 – calico desert trader

When does the game decide what the inventory of the traveling merchant will be? Is it randomized when you wake up or is it locked in after you save at the end of the day? I tried reloading it a few times, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. (No save scumming) I ask because I’ve found that if I reload the save file, some of the meals I get in the mail aren’t the same. If they’re set in stone, you’ll be able to sprint there as soon as you wake up to see if there’s anything worth buying (saving you time if there isn’t).
The value of uniqueIDForThisGame (which is randomly generated when you start a new game) combined with the number of days passed since the start of the game determines the moving cart inventory, according to the decompiled source code.
Since the value of uniqueIDForThisGame is saved in the save file, changing this number should allow you to change the cart’s inventory. However, be aware that this value is used in hundreds of ways in the game, and adjusting it can have unintended consequences. It’s possible that it’ll make the game unplayable. If you ever want to adjust it, go ahead and do it at your own risk, and make sure you have backups first.

Stardew valley – let’s play ep 811 – island merchant

Please use the complete save file with your farmer’s name (or farm name) and an ID number (e.g. Fred 148093307); do not use the SaveGameInfo file because it lacks any of the required details.
A “year 1 guarantee” option was added to Stardew 1.5, which adds an additional Red Cabbage Seeds item to the cart at some point during the first year. This choice is not currently handled by the Predictor, so it is not included in search results.
The Golden Coconut is a new geode-type object that has its own item pool in version 1.5. A rolled object has a slight chance of being replaced with the Golden Helmet; browsing results will reveal this possibility, but the player will only receive the hat if they haven’t already received one. Notice that future donations for the new Field Office are currently unchecked, despite the fact that there is only one thing that can be donated (the Fossilized Skull).
Finally, the RNG for the Geode Crusher item from 1.5 is the same, but the count is one higher. For instance, if you’ve already crushed 12 geodes, Clint’s next geode will use the results from line 13, but the Crusher’s next geode will use the results from line 12.

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