Training debt bond farm

Training debt bond farm

How to get debt-bonds | warframe fortuna

D.A.R.K. originally posted this: Walrus-original Sama’s post was as follows: Perhaps try hovering your mouse over the items and clicking? What is the shield, exactly? Something else is the word… YU588665 is the case number. It seems to be a bug rather than a Debt-Bond. Underneath all the glitz and glam, read the list. It’ll tell you what you’ll get in exchange for paying off the debt. Medical/Advanced/Familial bonds are available on the more expensive items, while Training and Shelter bonds are available on the less expensive items. You can also try your luck at the lowest-tier Fortuna bounty in the hopes of obtaining Training Bonds.
If you want to save money by relying on RNG, every form of bond is specified in the rewards of the bounties you assumedly ran. They aren’t too difficult to farm that way, particularly if you use those bounties to boost your rep to the next level.
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Perhaps try hovering your mouse over the items and clicking? What is the shield, exactly? CASE# YU588665 is a different story… It seems to be a bug rather than a Debt-Bond. You’re repaying the debts of various Solaris citizens who were created at random. The silhouette isn’t “armor,” but rather the person whose life you’re attempting to save from the Corpus Taxmen. In terms of lore, you’re not buying Debt-Bonds; rather, you’re paying off the debts of people trapped in Solaris in exchange for the small metal chips known as Debt-Bonds.

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How to farm debt bonds in warframe | debt bond farming

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How can I get more Debt Bonds for my family? I have 3 to 5 of them, but I need 10 for Solaris United’s final rank. There are a few options for obtaining them. The simplest option is to purchase them from Ticker when she has them available, but this normally comes at a higher price than other debt bonds. Of course, luck with her rotation plays a part in this, but it does save the farm. The second way to obtain them is to receive them as a reward from Eudico’s final bounty. Of course, you could brute force it and farm them that way, but depending on how lucky you are, it could take some time. Alternatively, you might form a team with a few friends and go after Profit-Taker. At least one Familial debt bond is still dropped. This is the most effective method of obtaining them. I’m not sure whether more of them would fall, so you may have to run it a few times. -Tracy

How to earn debt bonds & ticker vendor! [fortuna & orb

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