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Clu (Coded Likeness Utility) was a hacker program created by Kevin Flynn and portrayed by Jeff Bridges. Clu had the same appearance as his human counterpart, Flynn, but spoke in a completely different tone. He’s one of the TRON Universe’s few characters with yellow circuitry. The explanation for this is due to TRON’s software design. Free and typically good programs were colored blue, while those regulated by the MCP were colored orange/red. Clu 1 (like Clu 2) was developed outside of the system using Kevin Flynn’s coding and technology, and therefore is not a free software in the Game Grid or under the MCP; it is distinguished in the film by the color yellow.
They used this as the foundation for Clu 2, a specialized program designed by Flynn, and for these purposes, they both have his appearance, as per TRON philosophy: all programs contain the user’s spirit, as shown by their appearance.
Kevin Flynn gave Clu commands to hack the ENCOM computer system on September 22, 1981, in the early evening. Clu and Bit started looking for code in Clu’s updated Tank to prove that an ENCOM programmer named Ed Dillinger had stolen Flynn’s video games and submitted them to ENCOM executives as his own. Dillinger was promoted to Executive Vice President after the games were a huge success, and Flynn was fired shortly after.

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What is Tron: Legacy’s legacy? The big-budget Disney sequel was hypnotically watchable and derided as a throwaway vehicle for a new Daft Punk album when it debuted on Dec. 17, 2010. In retrospect, it looks just as experimental as the original Tron from 1982, which was a watershed moment for visual effects. Tron: Legacy is a strange and possibly unwitting forerunner to a number of activities that have come to characterize conventional filmmaking up to this stage. The blockbuster industry shows no signs of slowing down, based on Disney’s latest plans for the future.
While the majority of the film’s sleek visual effects have held up well over time, the use of digital de-aging has not. Critics compared the effect to “one of the Westworld robots, but less physical” and a “simulacrum that here looks like an animated death mask” at the time. Tron: Legacy was an experimental moment for digital de-aging, handled by Digital Domain, which had made strides with similar tech in David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. After throwing out a mold of a younger Bridges designed by legendary makeup artist Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London, for starters), the production team decided to complete the task entirely using Mova C. It’s been used in 15 films since then (many of which are from Disney, who were even sued for stealing it). In X-Men: The Last Stand, a similar “digital skin-grafting” effect developed by Lola VFX will be used on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.

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Kevin Flynn was a gifted computer programmer who developed some of ENCOM’s best-selling video games, including Space Paranoids, Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad, and Light Cycles, in 1982. Ed Dillinger, a fellow ENCOM programmer, stole the code he wrote while he was developing his games. Shortly after Dillinger was named Executive Vice President, Flynn was fired. Later, as the VP of Creative Development, Flynn developed TRON, an arcade game based on his experience working at ENCOM alongside the Tron program, and helped the business grow to become the world’s largest video game company. Flynn married Jordan Canas and had a son named Sam in the meantime. After his wife died in 1985, Flynn decided to devote his entire life to building “a digital frontier to reshape the human condition.”
Flynn was born in the town of Paramus, New Jersey, in 1949. Flynn received his doctorate from Caltech in 1980 and was quickly hired by ENCOM. Flynn started designing new video games in secret as a rising young programmer, including Space Paranoids, Vice Squad, Matrix Blaster, and Light Cycles. When a rival ENCOM programmer named Ed Dillinger discovered what Flynn was up to, he stole his games. Dillinger revealed the games to the organization three months later, without even having to change the titles. Dillinger rose through the ranks rapidly, ultimately becoming a senior executive vice president. Dillinger shot Flynn after he objected.

↪ Olivia wilde

Yeah, it was visually beautiful at the time, but there wasn’t anything more about it. The plot revolved around a video game nerd (Jeff Bridges) reclaiming game programs stolen from him by an evil corporate hot shot (David Warner). The tech geek (Bruce Boxleitner) and the lab geek (the hot chick from Caddyshack) hang out with the game geek. Poor dialogue and a cliched plot. The tech nerd is zapped into a grid. There are complications as a result.
Kurt Russell would have played Kevin Flynn and Cesar Romero would have played Master Control if Disney had made Tron ten years ago.
But it was 1982, and computer animation was about to revolutionize the movie industry. What do you remember from your first viewing of Tron? It certainly wasn’t the plot. The emphasis was on super-awesome special effects and light cycle races. Am I correct?
But it’s still with you after 28 years. And, if you’re of a certain generation, you’ll be bringing your kids—possibly even your grandkids—to nerd out on the private lives of computer chips once more in December. And the special effects could have been a little better this time.

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