Unclaimed black market list

Unclaimed black market list

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and with that much gold, you might get a lot of the BMAH goodies up for grabs. That’s why, even though it’s tempting to purchase them to have a “chance” on the most expensive items like the zulian tiger, it’s not a good idea to go for them.
I believe there is one in Boralus and Zuldazar, but I never bothered to look for it. The one in the Dalaran sewers is still functional, and Mechagon has added a craftable toy that allows you to summon it anywhere. I just remember to search my liason in my garrison and summon the little thing if I feel like bidding on something.
If you can find them for a low price, there’s no excuse not to buy them; but, if you spend more than $100,000, you run the risk of finding something useless. However, if you open enough of them, you’ll find some fantastic products. Assuming you’re not a collector and already own the majority of the products.
Years ago, I made a couple of lowball bids but never won. The price is still out of my tax bracket these days. I think there’s no point in engaging in a bidding war with someone who is addicted to lootboxes, particularly considering how impossible it is that I’ll get something useful. I’m not at the point where I need to start looking for ultra-rares to fill gaps in my set.

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✌️ Unclaimed black market container ftb quests

According to the document, this will most likely contain a completely random item from the BMAH?

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I’m sure these will be sold on the BMAH or from a new seller, as it says “buyer beware.” It’ll be fun to see how much these go for and how lucky some people are if they pay $2,000 and get Invincible…
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What it entails: A mystery box that will reveal a random object (probably the standard BMAH mounts, pets, gear, etc.) It is sold at the Black Market Auction House. How much gold can it fetch: More than you can afford.
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T-1 bracers, random cat carriers, and Blood-Soaked Invitations seem to be the only things I see on the BMAH these days. I never understood the first two, but if they’ve been leading up to this, Blizzard must be some evil geniuses. And that’s some novel garbage that everybody would most likely despise.
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Unclaimed Black Market Containers are now available on the Black Market Auction House, according to the 5.3 patch notes. What’s on the inside? It’s a puzzle! When the container is opened, it has a chance of containing some object that is accessible on the BMAH.

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