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The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) is a fictitious body that appears to be affiliated with the United Nations (UN) and the Federal Reserve, the US central bank. It has tried to mislead citizens and organisations in Ecuador, Fiji, and the United Kingdom, as well as people pretending to work on its behalf. The UN and the Federal Reserve have also denied any involvement or knowledge of the OITC. 1st [two]
The United Nations has refuted these allegations. “There is no such thing as a ‘UN Charter Control Number,’ cited by the organization to prove its legitimacy,” the UN has claimed emphatically. 1st The UN representative in Fiji was unable to “verify its presence and security rating,” according to the UN. [2] The UN’s representative in Colombia has confirmed that all UN agencies are identified on the UN’s official website, and that no secret agencies are known to them. [nine] [untrustworthy source?]
According to Scott, “the OITC was established and is regulated by the Federal Reserve through the Bank of International Settlements.” “OITC funds are stored in an entity called the Institutional Parent Administration Account,” according to the website. [eight]

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The cities mentioned below are where the United Nations Treasury has a branch or branches in Switzerland. To see a list of bank branches, click on a specific city link. Please use the search box if you are having trouble finding the branch. Some bank, branch, and city names may be misspelled, making it difficult to locate them from this list. As a result, there is a list of all countries on the menu. The term ‘THE’ may appear in the name of some banks. Examine the area carefully to locate your branch.
The SWIFT code is made up of eight to eleven characters. SWIFT codes for primary offices are eight (8) characters long. Eleven(11) characters make up branch office SWIFT passwords. The above list contains the most recent SWIFT / BIC codes for the United Nations Treasury in Switzerland.

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Credits for which no delivery declaration had been made, with a value of $227 million dollars, and for which funds had not been transferred to the Iraq Development Fund in March 2007.
28B.5 The Office of Programme Planning, Budget, and Accounts continues to enhance its operations based on the results of external assessments of the economy, performance, and effectiveness of the organizational framework conducted in previous bienniums.
28B.5 The Bureau of Program Planning, Budgeting, and Accounting continues to improve its operations by adhering to the findings of external studies conducted during previous fiscal years to determine the economy, profitability, and efficiency of the organization, as well as the effects, management structure, and operations of the physical and morales, groups, and entities.

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asked the Attorney-General if the statement made by Sir Harold Kent, the Treasury Solicitor and British Government’s chief delegate at the United Nations seminar on judicial and other independent remedies against the abuse of administrative power, in Stockholm, to the effect that an Ombudsman on the Scandinavian model would not be appropriate in Great Britain, was made with his authority; and if he was, if he was, if he was, if he was, if he was, if he
Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that, in light of a misreport that was given undue attention at the time, his comment today would reassure many people who are interested in this matter? While congratulating and wishing my right hon. and learned Friend well in his new role, may I express my hope that it will be marked by the implementation of this long-overdue reform?
Can the Attorney-General tell us when we can expect feedback from the Government on the Committee of Justice report, which made a suggestion along these lines and which the Government said they were considering?

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