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It’s all too easy these days to feel worthless. We can’t go out and explore the world because of the pandemic. We’re glued to our sofas. We’re feeling like complete losers. But the truth is that you do have a mission. And these hilarious memes are a great example of that. Let the insecurity leave your body by scrolling through the jokes. You’re doing fantastically well.
Have you ever felt as if your sacrifices for the common good were totally ineffective? If that’s the case, then these memes are for you! The original picture, shared on Twitter by JacobxMcClain, depicts someone pointing a gun at the sun, as if they’ve had enough of the heat.
Fun facts typically tend to market themselves as something you ‘absolutely must know.’ So, let’s be honest. These aren’t the kind of facts you’re looking for. These facts are entirely irrelevant to your health and daily life. However, you can read them anyway because they’re very interesting.

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I came across a couple more today, so I figured I’d share. Let’s get started, and how many of these do you recognize? Please leave one useless tidbit of information you know that isn’t already mentioned if you like these 🙂
Jeana is an adventurous traveler with a passion for people, cultures, and food, who has visited 43 countries in the last six years. She loves photography, cooking, and creating LEGOs with her son when she isn’t using her abilities for social good. You could even catch her crocheting cute items to stow away in her husband’s underwear drawer on occasion.

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It’s just that it’s a made-up term. Though anxiety is a well-known disorder, phobia refers to an intense and unreasonable fear of a particular object or circumstance. There are a lot of weird phobias out there. Anatidaephobia, on the other hand, is a made-up phobia developed by Gary Larson for his comic The Far Side.
According to a widely circulated claim “The law of “I before E” is broken by 923 words in the English language. The rule is followed by only 44 sentences.” This argument, however, only applies to words ending in “-cie.” In fact, the number of terms that defy the rule is much higher.
According to a peer-reviewed report conducted by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, termites use frequencies to communicate, including deciding the size and edibility of the wood they expect to eat.
Cat whiskers aren’t all ordinary hairs. They resemble cat “antennae” in appearance. These tensile protrusions are used by felines to detect changes in air flow caused by objects brushing against them. The vibrations relay information about the scale, shape, and speed of objects encountered to the cat’s nervous system.

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Henri Bergson and William James were great admirers of one another, and James seemed to believe that Bergson provided him with useful ideas. Early critics were right in seeing Bergson as the polar opposite of pragmatism. The analysis of essential ideas and developments in Bergson’s philosophy can be simplified by unraveling this antithesis. I focus on his concepts of length and insight, demonstrating how they demonstrate the importance of moving beyond pragmatism. The explanation for this is that intelligence transcends the utilitarian constraints imposed by pragmatism. Since our cognitive powers prove capable of more than any naturally chosen service to survival, knowledge is more than usefulness, adaptation, or pragmatism.

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