Vanguard in french

Vanguard in french

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The avant-garde (/vrd/;[2] French: [avad];[3] from French, ‘advance guard’ or ‘vanguard,’ literally ‘fore-guard’) is a subset of the avant-garde. [4] refers to individuals or works that are creative, progressive, or unconventional in terms of art, culture, or society. [number four] (5) [number six] It’s also distinguished by aesthetic novelty and initial unacceptability. [nine]
The avant-garde, especially in the cultural realm, challenges the limits of what is considered the traditional or status quo. Some consider the avant-garde to be a hallmark of modernism, as opposed to postmodernism. [requires citation] Many artists have associated themselves with the avant-garde movement and continue to do so, tracing their roots from Dada to the Situationists to postmodern artists like the Language poets in 1981. [eight] [verification failed]
The avant-garde advocates for progressive social reforms as well. This is the meaning evoked by Saint Simonian Olinde Rodrigues in his essay “L’artiste, le savant et l’industriel” (“The artist, the scientist, and the industrialist,” 1825), which contains the first documented use of “avant-garde” in its now-accepted sense: Rodrigues urges artists to “serve as [the people’s] avant-garde,” insisting that “the power of the arts is indeed the [nine]

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It’s a three-pronged approach. The first goal is to expand the electrolysis industry in France. Made-in-France production must progress to larger projects. According to Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finances, this is a “different” strategy that is also “more robust, more sovereign, and economically more effective.” By 2030, France wants to have 6.5 GW of electrolyzers.
Then there’s the production of hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles. This should help trucks, especially long-haul captive fleets that move freight in a continuous stream, to become more carbon-neutral. The deadline for carbon-neutral planes is 2035.
The third goal is to promote science and innovation in order to remain competitive on a global scale. France also has world-class academic institutions and services. The plan now is to improve skills by teaching the specifics of hydrogen gas and its applications, as well as by constructing massive campuses that would house colleges, engineering schools, and job training.

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2. One of three autonomous experimental satellites from the United States. Vanguard I (1958) was a tiny 3.25-lb (1.47-kg) sphere with two radio transmitters, the second US satellite in orbit around Earth (after Explorer 1). Its flight path showed that the Earth is pear-shaped almost imperceptibly, supporting previous theories. Vanguard II (1959) carried light-sensitive photocells to provide data on Earth’s cloud cover, but the data was unreadable due to the ship’s tumbling motion. The magnetic field of the Earth was mapped using Vanguard III (1959).
3. any of a series of unmanned experimental test satellites developed by the United States. Vanguard I was a tiny 3.25-pound (1.47-kilogram) sphere with two radio transmitters that was launched on March 1, 1958. It was the United States’ second artificial satellite in orbit around the Earth, the first being Explorer 1. (Jan 31, 1958). Scientists discovered that the Earth was almost imperceptibly pear-shaped by tracking Vanguard’s flight route, confirming previous theories. Vanguard II, launched on February 17, 1959, was equipped with light-sensitive photocells that were intended to provide data on the Earth’s cloud cover, but the data was made unreadable due to the satellite’s tumbling motion. Vanguard III, the final installment in the series, was released a few months later. It was used to map the magnetic field of the Earth.

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Alan Stivell, at the forefront of the folk revival, presented a version of Breton music that was resolutely progressive and forward-looking, attracting a young audience seeking assurance of their regional identity […]
Since its inception in 1996 under the auspices of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the SAFA (safety evaluation of foreign aircraft) Program has proven to be a forerunner in improving European, and indeed international, aviation safety.
T.D.L. : T.D.L. : T.D.L Cyprus is located at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East. Because of its geographic position, your country is at the forefront of the EU’s Good Neighbor Policy, which was introduced during the EU’s most recent enlargement. is a website dedicated to diplomacy.
Fiandre invites you to visit its booth in Hall 2, stand C83, where it will present concepts for an environmentally friendly future that are cutting-edge in terms of technology and design: Taxos Extra in 150×75 cm incorporates two of the company’s most revolutionary features: massive scale and the innovative new Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic? is a website dedicated to

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