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In the new crackdown against Trump and his supporters on social media, Reddit has blocked the Trump-supporting subreddit r/donaldtrump for inciting abuse. This comes after some of Trump’s supporters invaded the US Capitol on Thursday.
The subreddit had over 52,000 members as of Thursday, and prominently displayed a link to the now-defunct website, which featured a picture of Trump dressed as Uncle Sam and the message “POTUS wants you in D.C. on 1/06/21.”
With some spillover from a previous subreddit, r/The Donald, which became one of the most popular Reddit groups with nearly 800,000 subscribers before being suspended in June of 2020 for abuse, the subreddit represented one of the larger Trump-supporting communities on the internet.
Despite bans imposed by mainstream tech platforms, Trump supporters have continued to find ways to gather as an online group. After r/The Donald was blocked, supporters gravitated to, a Reddit-like platform. Several other “alternative” social media platforms, such as Parler, Rumble, and Wimkin, have recently gained prominence.

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Since dishing out a slew of lore surprises and setting them aside, “The Venture Bros.” has easily returned to its original mission of telling the story of two young men struggling to make sense of their strange lives.
The fifth episode of the season, “The Inamorata Consequence,” keeps doing that amazing “Venture” thing of delving into the depths of items that have been discussed on the show before to drop a lore revelation you probably didn’t think about but makes perfect sense. Unlike the first three episodes of the season, where the show was simply tying off a lot of loose ends in “The Morpho Trilogy” since they were dangling, the most recent piece of historical information helps to establish a quiet character moment for young Dean Venture (Michael Sinterniklaas) in keeping with Season 7’s themes.
Rusty Venture (James Urbaniak) is revealed to be a clone. It’s a play on Rusty’s sons, Dean and Hank (Christopher McCulloch), being clones made by Rusty, which was revealed at the start of Season 2, when the show was still in its infancy. “When you have an accident-prone kid, you make them wear a helmet; if you have a death-prone child, you keep a few clones of them in your lab,” their father said at the time.

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Cloning takes time in the Venture Bros. world, unlike in other fictional worlds, and it does not always impart acquired experiences.

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[2] Over time, the Clone Slugs were produced in high-tech, costly clone vats.

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[3] The living Venture children’s memory synapses were captured nightly and stored on a disk. When clone slugs were released from stasis to replace a Venture child who had recently died, the Learning Beds gave the clones these synaptic memory recordings while they slept. Interestingly, despite the fact that cloning appeared to be a scientific operation, Dr. Orpheus appeared to detect (and interact with) the souls of Hank and Dean Venture in the synapse machine, while their clone slugs appeared to be soulless. [3] It’s possible that the cloning process was not entirely risk-free. While clearly malformed clones were sometimes abandoned and flushed into sewers, as was the case with D19[4], more subtle abnormalities and maladies may have gone unnoticed. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture currently carries a parasitic twin fetus who lived inside him for years before escaping and becoming Jonas Venture Jr. [5] (Rusty’s visions suggested that he consumed Jonas Jr. when they were both in their mother’s “womb”). [6] During a physical examination of Dean Venture, Ben noted that Dean did not have Fetiform Teratoma[7], a highly rare type of teratoma in which organic material resembling a fetus grows within the body of a host organism[8]. This could be interpreted as implying that developmental anomalies like Jonas Venture Jr.’s growth are not uncommon.

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I’m a 31-year-old white male nerd who works for an entertainment and culture publication, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve watched a lot of Adult Swim. That is, after all, a given. And, while I’m a nerd with an offputtingly intense fondness for film and pop culture minutia, it’s just as clear that The Venture Bros. and Rick and Morty are my two favorite Adult Swim shows of all time.
These two shows have shared similar themes since the beginning, and I can only imagine that there is significant overlap between their fanbases—the difference being that The Venture Bros. has never gained the kind of cross-cultural pop zeitgeist status that Rick and Morty has, and remains more of a cult favorite. Take a look at reddit, where the Rick and Morty subreddit has 34 times the number of contributors as the Venture Bros. subreddit. But the two shows are truly unique in ways I’ll discuss in more detail later.
I didn’t know how similar these shows were until I recently went back and rewatched old episodes of The Venture Bros. In particular, there’s a scene in the season 4 finale, “Operation P.R.O.M.,” from 2010, that’s similar—some might say “pretty much the same”—as the idea for an entire Rick and Morty episode, season 1’s “Rick Potion #9,” from 2014. Given that both shows are now on the same network, it’s hard to believe that someone from Rick and Morty wasn’t aware of how similar these two segments are.

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