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“No one will waste their time sending out bogus coupons for no reason,” Seely says. “Something doesn’t add up. As a means of obtaining your money without your permission or duping you into doing something, there must be a malware virus component.”
He claims it’s about gaining access to something. It could be your credit card details saved in your browser, or it could be installing a “root package” that turns your device into a zombie “botnet” that sends out spam or targets websites with denial-of-service attacks.

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As people rely more on technology to do anything, cyber attacks and phishing emails (pretending to be from your bank, for example) are becoming more popular. Despite the high number of victims, 60% of smartphone users and nearly half (48%) of tablet users agree that they do not have malware security installed on their computers, making them vulnerable to online fraudsters.
Gmail has discovered a deferred message in your account, according to this email. The email contains a connection that allows you to view the delayed post. The text, however, is not from Gmail, and clicking the link takes you to the notorious Canadian Pharmacy website.
This website attempts to sell a wide range of medicinal drugs without requiring a doctor’s prescription. The spammers behind these campaigns hope that at least a couple of the people who are fooled into visiting the drugstore’s website will stay and buy its goods. And, considering how popular such spam campaigns are, the spammers’ strategy clearly pays off. (Image courtesy of

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Most people appreciate freebies, particularly if all they have to do is click a link or respond to an SMS. In a perfect world, getting a free iPad for completing a survey will be fantastic. In the real world, though, there is always a catch. Most of the time, these “freebies” are just a ruse to get people to give up their money or personal information, or to damage their computers, laptops, or mobile devices.
You might be revealing more about yourself than you realize by clicking the “Like” button. Researchers at Cambridge University discovered that mathematical models can be developed to assess the IQ, emotional maturity, and other personality traits with a simple click of the ‘Like’ button.
Hoax-Slayer is another excellent resource. It’s a more general platform that reports all forms of scams, including Internet and email hoaxes, petitions, false alerts, and fake job ads that require payment before you can start working.
Some con artists will ask you to accept deposits into your personal bank account and then move the funds to a different account that they will have. The assurance that you will receive a portion of the funds deposited. Such requests are often made in response to real-life world events, such as civil wars that cause the requester to flee the country.

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Two photos have been posted with the assertion that they show a doctor in Pakistan providing free medical care to those in need. On the back of his vehicle, the images seem to show an Urdu message advertising free services. The pictures, on the other hand, show a doctor in Yemen, and the original message on the car is written in Arabic.
After Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted a video of them unmasked at an indoor party for his birthday, online users accused Joe Biden of hypocrisy. This is false; the video was shot before the pandemic in 2019, on Biden’s birthday. The former vice president is well-known for always wearing a mask in public and encouraging the rest of the world to do the same.
Suicides have risen 200 percent since pandemic-related lockdowns in America started, according to celebrity posts that have received over 250,000 likes on Instagram. This is false; there is no evidence to back up such a claim, which comes as the US enters winter with new restrictions on record coronavirus cases.

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