Why buy virtue poker ico?

Why buy virtue poker ico?

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Virtue Poker was founded in 2015 by ConsenSys and uses the unique features of blockchain technology in combination with peer-to-peer networking to provide a secure and honest environment in which to play online poker…
Virtue Poker, a decentralized peer-to-peer poker network based on Ethereum, has declared that its VPP token sale has sold out, with the hard cap of 25,000 ETH easily met. At current ether prices, the sum is about $18.5 million USD. Just 1.5 days after it began, the token sale had reached 82 percent of its target.
Within the Virtue Poker network, VPP tokens have three main functions: (1) they can be “locked” in a smart contract called the Justice Registry, which allows users to stake tokens and verify hands on the network in return for payments from players, (2) they can be used as an in-game currency, and (3) they can be used to enter special tournaments.
We’re delighted to announce that the Virtue Poker Early Adopter Token Sale has hit its hard cap of 25,000 ETH and is now closed, after three years of growth, six months of token sale preparation, and a thrilling two weeks. This is the start of the most exciting period for us: starting next week, our early adopters will get their first taste of the Virtue Poker network, which we’ve been developing since 2015. All who purchased a token during the Early Adopter Token Sale would receive special test VPPs and test ETH to use during the alpha and beta testing cycles. During the test phases, these early adopters will not have to gamble their own tokens because we will supply the test tokens for free. Test cycle participants will be awarded in a number of ways, including competitions, draws, and airdrops worth more than $100,000.”

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Virtue Poker is a decentralized online poker site where you can play for real money. It uses the Ethereum blockchain to create the world’s first blockchain-based online poker experience, in which players never have to deposit money, the shuffle is provably random, and cards are cryptographically safe.
It is based on a transparent and uniform scale and is based on specific project evaluation criteria. A thorough and impartial project review allows for an objective risk assessment and the development of a full image of the project and its prospects. This includes the platform’s technical features, the business model, the staff, the decentralized infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses, and so on. The scales are for the hype and threats, with the project’s potential being evaluated at the end.
It’s a blend of a scoring algorithm that takes into account more than 20 different parameters and a ranking from independent experts. The ranking isn’t indefinite. On a regular basis, the ICOs are tracked. New experts have also joined to score the ICOs. Only the evaluation algorithm is used if none of the experts have yet to score the ICO.

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The proliferation of new crypto-based poker rooms has made it easier than ever to create a bankroll on online poker sites without making a deposit.

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