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I’m a parent of twins (damn, babies are expensive) and don’t have extra cash to spend on movies… at least, that’s what my wife thinks… and I’m not going to argue with her. I’d rather save it for ski equipment or a ski trip. I’ve documented all of the cable shows I could and binge-watched everything on Netflix. I just can’t seem to find any other ski movies to watch online. PS: I’ve already seen and enjoyed GNAR. two times There are currently 8 comments. 100 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Warren Miller sat in a Pasadena theater 67 years ago, talking over ski footage he’d shot in the fledgling ski towns of Squaw Valley and Sun Valley. Deep and Light was that film, and it kicked off a nearly seven-decade spree of feature-length ski films that has dominated the entire canon. With the publication of Miller’s autobiography, it seemed like a good time to take a look back at his 55 films and choose the ten that best reflect his career.
Journey is the test case for the more recent Warren Miller Entertainment films, which are heavy on obscure travel and athlete elements. It was Miller’s last film to narrate until he sold his film business. Morocco, Doug Coombs’ Chamonix, and Portillo, Chile are all featured in the film. Glen Plake and Bode Miller make cameo appearances, and the final segment is a tribute to Craig Kelly, a snowboarder who died in an avalanche that year.
The mid-1980s can be considered the golden age of skiing if nostalgia is your metric. Ski Country encapsulates the hedonism of the moment with its ski ballet, monoskiing, and strangely hypnotizing demo-team parts. An opening section at Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire builds to a single slow-motion tomahawk. From there, the film goes right into a Miller classic: mocking newbie skiers who can’t seem to get on lifts or bring their ski gear. Then it’s off to Chamonix and British Columbia for heli-skiing. Miller deserves credit for knowing how to incorporate all of the elements that viewers need.

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SKI BUM: THE WARREN MILLER STORY tells the story of the legendary filmmaker Warren Miller, who was a driving force in the growth and promotion of the ski industry in America and around the world through his annual ski films and national tours, which started in the early 1950s. Miller, who died last year at the age of 93, sat for his final interview months before his death. He reminisced about living off rabbit stew and sleeping in a teardrop trailer in his never-ending search for the perfect ski run, and he detailed the personal and professional struggles he faced during his career.
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This award-winning approach saw the world’s best skiers poke fun at themselves and the industry as a whole, thanks to Matchstick Production. Shane McConkey, a Canadian skiing legend, died in a base jump ski accident in 2009, and this is his final feature-length film. When all the riders fist pump after stomping a high landing in a scene set to The Final Countdown, you’re sucked into the high-octane spirit of the film.
Warren Miller, an adrenaline junkie, travels the globe to produce the most stunning skiing and snowboarding footage ever captured on camera in 2005, providing an invigorating mix of thrilling adventure and fascinating documentary.
The epic rivalry between half-pipe legends Shaun White and Kevin Pearce, childhood friends who become number one and two in the world leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, pushing each other to ever more risky tricks, before Kevin crashes on a Park City half-pipe, barely surviving, is captured in fifteen years of verite video.
Shaun wins Gold while Kevin recovers from his injury. Kevin’s only desire now is to get back on his snowboard, despite the fact that medics and family members fear he will die. Sarah Burke, who died in a plane crash in Park City on January 19, 2012, is also remembered.

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