Which are the best week ago week ago?

Which are the best week ago week ago?

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The Environment Council on 2 March 2009, followed by the ECOFIN Council and the spring European Council, will be the first opportunities for the EU to further improve its role in this region, based on the Commission correspondence toward a comprehensive climate change agreement in Copenhagen, which we received a week ago, and your feedback. europarl.europa.eu is a website dedicated to the European Parliament.
As president of the EU-Bulgaria Joint Parliamentary Committee, I would like to state that, indeed, the European Union has intervened significantly, and issues such as the nuclear sector, agricultural restructuring, and investment programs in Bulgaria have received positive momentum; however, I cannot ignore, for example, the recent EUROSTAT study. europarl.europa.eu is a website dedicated to the European Parliament.
A Ukrainian author recently said, “More desperately than ever, we need the moral and political help of the world’s democracies, because if we gamble away the democratic Ukraine today, you can forget about your self-congratulatory and conflict-free Europe tomorrow.” europarl.europa.eu is a website dedicated to the European Parliament.

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“About a Week Ago” is a lyric from American rapper Bobby Shmurda’s 2014 hip hop hit “Hot Nigga.” It’s linked to a series of dance videos on Vine in which people quote the phrase when performing Shmurda’s signature dance, the “Shmoney.”
Shmurda’s lead single “Hot Nigga” from his debut EP album Shmurda She Wrote was released on July 25th, 2014. (shown below, left). Viner DontéMacc posted a video on the same day in which he does the “Schmoney dance” as “Hot Nigga” plays in the background (shown below, right).
Axel Blake, a YouTuber, posted a video titled “About a week ago – Shmoney Dance” on August 3rd, 2014, which features brief skits in which he starts dancing when someone says the phrase “about a week ago” in conversation (shown below). The video received over 920,000 views and 300 comments in the first five months.
Lozersayswhat posted a video titled “About a Week Ago” on September 8th, featuring a montage of clips in which he is confronted by his younger brother, who frequently performs the Schmoney dance while saying “about a week ago” (shown below, left). In only three months, the Vine Trends Compilations YouTube channel uploaded a collection of “About a Week Ago” Vines, which has received over 1.9 million views and 860 comments (shown below, right).

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‘About a week ago, top description’

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Bobby Shmurda’s popular line from his song Hot Nigga. It’s a must to do the shmoney dance when you hear this line near the end of the song. Around a week ago, Bitch caught a corpse. By The Real, *black people begin to dance* Shmurda, Bobby Flag for November 3, 20146210 Flag for November 3, 20146210 Flag for November 3, 20146210 The 17th of April is National Poetry Month, and the word of the day is Dejavu Dejagoo is the peculiar sensation of having been in this precarious condition before. Because of the goo, it’s déjà vu. Shivers down one’s spine are common symptoms, followed by disgust, particularly if actual goo is involved. What’s up, dude? I feel like I’ve walked in doggy poop. And I thought to myself, “Oh, dude, this feels familiar.” Then I recalled how much I enjoyed stepping in puppy poop last weekend. It was surreal, man. It was like déjà vu all over again. Hukra’s Contribution 14th of March, 2009658 Flag Yasemin, get a Dejagoo mug for your daughter. About a week ago The title of a song by a rapper who was most likely arrested a week ago. Typically used by teenagers to be funny when they are in a bad mood. It was about a week ago when I first heard about it. I had an affair with your mother. authored by Urban Noledge The 6th of November, 20143234

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I take the term “last week” to refer to a period of time between Monday and Friday the previous week. I’d expect the speaker to say last weekend or the weekend before last if it happened over the weekend. That isn’t always the case, however.
However, a lot of this may be influenced by the conversation’s meaning, as well as the person to whom the person was speaking. If it were their insurance company’s claims department, it would be taken more seriously than if it were a casual chat with a pub friend.
The series of events is known to us. We have no idea when they happened (last month, last year, last century). As a result, neither last week nor a week ago can be used in the absence of additional contextual details. Rather, –

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