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Best western union api of other brands

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Milestones in Western Union History: From Telegraph to API Non-cash payments and e-wallets have grown in popularity over the last ten years. You can now pay for almost anything with a plastic card or electronic money: airline tickets, utilities, communications, online purchases, and so on. Cash’s importance is diminishing with each passing year, which benefits both financial institutions and government agencies by simplifying control over financial flows.
However, an ancient system like Western Union, a corporation that primarily offers cash transfer services, still exists. To put it another way, Western Union is not going anywhere, and despite the pressures of modern realities on its traditional market, which is inextricably linked to cash, it is doing all it can to not only thrive, but also to remain one of the sector’s giants.
With the growth of commodity-money ties and the globalization of industry, the need for secure and quick money transfers over long distances emerged. If this could only be done in person before the 18th century, by the 1700s, a global network of first banks, usurers, and guarantors had arisen, which could guarantee the secure movement of funds over very long distances for a fee.

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Is there anyone here who has used this API before? Do you have any documentation about the inquiries, answers, and so on that you might share? If I don’t have an API key (?) for it, it’s not a problem. I’m just looking for a quick peek at the documents.
I’m aware that it’s a private, probably paid API. But it irritates me that I haven’t seen a single example of its application, and I don’t want to fill out a form and wait days for a call or a canned answer, as their “developer” site suggests.

⚫ Ofx

Western Union, a cross-border payments group, said in a press release on Monday that it has rolled out full application programming interface (API) access to domestic and global payment applications (Oct. 28).
According to the press release, this new series of APIs allows users to “integrate their financial institutions, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs, and their account on GlobalPay.”
“We have enriched our API capabilities through this investment to ensure our customers receive a best-in-class experience while using our products and integrating their data,” Scott Johnson, global head of product for Western Union Business Solutions, said.
API integration enables payment processing to be streamlined while also providing access to straightforward foreign exchange rates and fees. APIs also make use of the most recent standard of European internet security regulation: good consumer authentication (SCA).
“Our mission is to assist customers in integrating their data, allowing them to extend their global reach and manage their foreign payments more effectively, all while maintaining our dedication to being the market leader in providing the highest levels of security,” Johnson said.

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Approximately 37,000 business customers will be able to align their financial institutions, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs with their GlobalPay account using this new set of APIs.
Streamlining payment processing and providing insight into transaction and account history are two advantages of the API integration. Furthermore, the APIs provide insight into foreign exchange rates, transaction costs, and applicable fees, as well as providing the most up-to-date forms of controlled European internet protection.

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