Western union cio

Western union cio

Western union executive vice president and chief

Is big data capable of assisting a 166-year-old financial institution in providing better and quicker service to its global customers? Yes, says David Thompson, Western Union’s executive vice president of global operations and technology and CIO.
Western Union recruited Thompson, a former Symantec executive, to revamp its technical offerings. Western Union once employed Thomas Edison and launched the world’s first domestic communications satellite.
Thompson: I came from the tech industry five years ago with the aim of being a core driver of digital transformation. We’ve grown to become one of the world’s largest digital money firms. Mobile apps enable users to make and display transactions. We’re also installing applications in our retail outlets, which helps to shorten queues.
Thompson: I’m not sure. Many of the fintech items you’ve seen are local or domestic. All day long, you and I can transfer money across state lines. That’s a flimsy business model that’s unlikely to be successful. We’re particularly interested in cross-border technology, where there’s a major barrier to overcome and fraud and risk management skills are needed.

La cosa nostra and the american labor movement: afl-cio

Veena Dandapani, Western Union’s VP of Transformation, recognizes how important it is for technology leaders to boost consumer experience in order to drive sales. Hear her thoughts on how the boundaries between technology and product organizations are blurring. View the Video (1:29)
CIOs will have additional roles in the C-suite and around the company in five years, allowing them to exert strategic control over product growth, marketing, human resources, the supply chain, and other areas. They will be forced to identify new revenue sources and implement new capabilities that result in unprecedented efficiencies. A road map representing the essential skills CIOs will need to learn in order to succeed in 2025, based on a recent global Forbes survey of more than 650 enterprise CIOs across all industries, is available to help CIOs navigate the rocky path ahead. Report available for download

The new face of labor

Thompson has also been invited to join the boards of companies because of his extensive experience as a technology executive, but also because he has always seen the role of CIO as a business role. He has been a board member of CoreSite Realty Company, a publicly traded, self-administered, and self-managed real estate investment trust, since 2010. (REIT).
As a result, Thompson is at the vanguard of two major CIO trends: he has entered the ranks of the CIO-plus and board-level CIOs. When I interviewed him recently, I was interested in not only his current duties and the groundbreaking ideas his team is exploring, but also his own career path, which serves as an inspiration for other CIOs.
High Peter: You’re the executive vice president of global operations and chief information officer at Western Union, and your job description means that you’re in charge of both operations and technology. Could you tell me a little bit about your area of expertise?
Thompson, David: I work two jobs at the moment. First and foremost, I am in charge of global operations, which includes the management of our customer experience – including all of our customer service centers and our interactions with customers. Furthermore, we have a huge network of partners and agents who represent our clients and provide support all over the world.

Improving customer experience to drive revenue growth

Aida Diarra has been named Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager for Visa SSA, according to Visa Inc. Aida comes to Visa after more than four years as the Regional Vice President for Africa and Managing Director at Western Union.
Diarra will be in charge of all Visa operations in Sub-Saharan Africa’s 48 markets. She will report to Andrew Torre, Visa’s Regional President of CEMEA, and will be part of Visa’s regional management team for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA).
“Aida joins us at a critical juncture in our business,” said Andrew Torre, Visa Regional President, CEMEA. “Sub-Saharan Africa is a region with enormous potential – by 2020, there will be over 1500 million mobile subscribers, but many countries lack payment acceptance and infrastructure. Continuing to invest in partnerships that link these new customers and merchants to great connected-commerce experiences is vital for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in this area, as an additional 55 million people will be new to the banking system in the coming years. Aida’s track record of creating strong teams and strategic leadership would be helpful to us in accomplishing that goal.”

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