Western union modesto ca

Western union modesto ca

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Families, small companies, multinational corporations, and non-profit organizations will benefit from improved financial services. We’re a multinational company with over 10,000 staff in over 200 countries and territories. We assume that as money passes, good things occur.
company transition You’ll be skilled at finding and closing opportunities by using Western Union’s diverse product selection and capabilities, as well as having a good ability to close deals by making a lasting impression and forming partnerships.
You must have 3 or more years of client-facing sales experience in a multi-cultural environment, preferably in the money transfer room, for this critical position. We’ll expect you to be self-motivated, self-assured, and to demonstrate a high level of honesty and tenacity in achieving your goals. You’ll interact with current and prospective clients on a regular basis, collaborating and developing long-term relationships with them in a given territory. Your ability to communicate in a foreign language, such as Spanish, Hindi, or another language, is highly desired, though it is not necessary. This position would necessitate frequent travel within a given territory, necessitating the possession of a valid driver’s license.

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The Western Union Group, based in Denver, Colorado, is a global financial services and communications company. Western Union was the leading American company in the field of sending telegrams until it stopped doing so in 2006. [number six] [nine]
Western Union[when?] is a company that offers a variety of services, including personal money transfers, money orders, business payments, and commercial services. Normal “Cablegrams” were available, as well as Candygrams, Dollygrams, and Melodygrams. [requires citation]
Samuel L. Selden, Hiram Sibley, and others founded the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company in Rochester, New York, in 1851, with the aim of establishing one great telegraph system with centralized and effective operations. Meanwhile, Ezra Cornell had called one of his bankrupt companies the New York & Western Union Telegraph Company after buying it back. Initially bitter rivals, both parties were persuaded that unification was their only option for success by 1856[1]. At Cornell’s request, the combined company was renamed the Western Union Telegraph Company, and Western Union was born. [eight]

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1. Currency trade is another source of revenue for Western Union. Compare both transfer fees and exchange rates when selecting a money transmitter. Fees, foreign exchange rates, and taxes can differ depending on the brand, channel, and venue. Rates and fees are subject to adjustment at any time.
2. The availability of services and funds is determined by a variety of factors, including the service selected, delayed delivery options selected, special terms applicable to each Service, amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, consumer protection issues, identification requirements, delivery restrictions, agent location hours, and time zone differences (collectively, “Services”).

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