Which are the best what does cont mean?

Which are the best what does cont mean?

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Exceptional meaning (Dis)United Kingdom CONtIn CONservative Toff is abbreviated as cont. A ludicrous guy, probably from an aristocratic or upper-class family, who has a deep dislike and contempt for those who are poorer than him. The CONservative party and its right-wing philosophy are politically related. Communicates in a strange farm English that includes peculiar sounding grunts and throat sounds in place of actual words, resulting in ramblings about peasants and other topics that were relevant 300 or more years ago. At Eton College and the House of Lords, he is well-known. Because of large inherited landholdings, has an overtly proportionate presence in British politics and must be tolerated for this reason. In nature, he is untrustworthy and conniving, and he has no qualms about distorting the facts on a regular basis. Jeremy, the Boris is a full Cont. Did you catch his father Stanley telling a Channel 4 reporter that the majority of British people don’t know how to spell Pinocchio? Anyway, Jezza, good luck in the elections with giving these Conts a good bollocking. www.conservativewipeout.com (http://www.conservativewipeout.com/) 01 December 2019232

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The abbreviation for “continued” that is most widely used is cont. Cont’d is also a proper way to shorten “continued.” It’s more like a contraction than an abbreviation. When writing on the next page, instead of using a condensed form, try spelling out the entire word.
If you need to abbreviate the word continue, most style guides, including The Chicago Manual of Style, recommend writing “cont” and adding a period after it. In general, using cont. as an abbreviation for continued will not get you into trouble, and it is unlikely to get you into trouble in academic or professional settings. That said, if you have to follow a particular style guide when writing, it’s a good idea to double-check the directions.
Another way to shorten continued is to use Cont’d. It isn’t wrong, even though it isn’t listed in style guides. Take a look at the word “can’t” for example. Its full form is “cannot,” but removing some of the middle letters and replacing them with an apostrophe results in a grammatically correct contraction. You’re removing the “inue” from “continued” and replacing it with an apostrophe with cont’d. You’ll get a contraction rather than an abbreviation.

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There is a feature called “Cont” on my Fujifilm Finepix 3800. I’m not sure what it does, and the owner’s manual simply states, “Use this mode for continuous shooting without scene limitations.” What does that imply, and how can I make use of it? When I try it, it behaves strangely and immediately displays a thumbnail of the shot I took (which it normally does not).
Typically, this isn’t the case).
I’ve downloaded the book and read the first half for you, and it says it’ll take two shots:
This mode allows you to shoot continuously without having to choose between different photographic scenes. Number of shots taken in a row: 2 It’s also expected to show thumbnails: Even if this option is set to “OFF,” the photography results are shown for a set time before being automatically captured in continuous shooting. I recommend that you RTFM! — remove signature — It appears to be a watered-down version of the 602’s (I believe it’s also known as) continuous shooting (limited to two shots maybe due to a much smaller buffer size or something like that). Of course, I haven’t read the manual for my 602, but I’m sure that’s what it’s called or something. You may be expecting an action, such as a child jumping into a puddle, and this allows you to take two frames at one (or two?) frames per second and try to catch the best splash or something. If that’s what it’s good for, it’s not much use, but…

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I believe you’re attempting to explain the standard method of identifying gold-fill on an old stretch band. They’ll typically say 1/20th 10K (or 1/20th 14K, etc.) on them. This means that the layer of gold (10K, 14K, etc.) that surrounds the band’s base metal weighs 1/20th of the total weight of the piece.
If my memory serves me right, the lowest permitted gold percentage for a piece to be marked as gold-filled is 1/20th of total content by weight. Rolled gold plate (R.G.P.) or gold plating are terms used to describe lower concentrations of gold.
I also have a Kreisler band with a gold content of.025 and a patent number of US PAT.2,064,760 from 1936. I assume the gold content is the same as 1/20 12k gold filled, or 2.5 percent of the band weight (1/20 is.05; 12k/24K =50 percent; hence.05 x.50=.025).

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