What is 4chan reddit

What is 4chan reddit

The difference between reddit and 4chan

Why do you use Signal to keep an eye on 4chan? One of the most difficult aspects of any type of online intelligence reconnaissance is sifting through large amounts of data in order to extract even the tiniest snippets of potentially useful information. With over 3.5 billion posts, 4chan has a serious problem. And these posts are fleeting, with the higher the R rating, the shorter the post’s lifespan. This means that on the 4chan website, relevant security intelligence will only be available for a few days. To get a true picture of the channel, you need to track it continuously and effectively with real-time notifications. However, 4chan is only one of the data sources that Signal can track. You can monitor the free, deep, and dark web at the same time, as well as forums like Reddit and chatrooms like Telegram. To efficiently gain intel on hyper-relevant, current, and emerging threats, our framework allows you to build personalized keyword-driven searches with boolean logic, which is supported by our machine learning and language processing AI.

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4chan was founded in 2003 to discuss manga and anime before gaining a reputation for hacks and hoaxes. It is also known for its alt-right user base and their role in spreading doctored photos and shady memes during the 2016 presidential election.
4chan’s biggest asset to its users is its anonymity, according to reports of 22 million monthly visitors. There is no need to register since anyone can easily upload data under any name or alias. Content on 4chan inevitably vanishes as a result of automated scrubbing.
Fake news that originates on 4chan has had a direct effect on businesses and individuals. The company lost billions of dollars after 4chan began a misinformation campaign alleging Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin had died.
Ten years ago, 4chan users leaked Sarah Palin’s email address, resulting in the Steve Jobs death hoax, which caused Apple’s stock to drop 10%. In April 2018, 4chan spread fake Starbucks coupons offering to give free drinks to people of color.

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In June, a 29-year-old man was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a military-style assault rifle inside a famous Washington pizzeria, claiming he was protecting children trapped in a sex-slave ring.
The judge said it was “pure luck” that Edgar Maddison Welch didn’t kill anybody at the time. But we should thank an especially dark corner of 4chan for planting the so-called “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory in his head: it wasn’t by chance.
It began with WikiLeaks leaked emails… which were sifted for political corruption in the Clinton campaign staff by a prominent Reddit forum devoted to Donald J. Trump and 4chan’s far-right fringe message board… PizzaGate was invented by someone on 4chan who linked the word “cheese pizza” to pedophiles who use the initials “c.p.” to denote child pornography on chat boards.
PizzaGate is only the latest in a long line of fake news stories born on 4chan’s message boards. Reading the performance of the 4chan group, which the Guardian once described as “lunatic, childish, brilliant, absurd, and disturbing,” will melt your brain.

Did 4chan & reddit id the boston bomber?

I’m not sure why 4chan is romanticized; it seems to be more about people shouting at each other, attempting to be offensive/shocking, and memes. It’s as if Reddit’s entire content was of the lowest quality. In reality, it seems to support the theory that anonymity fosters the worst kinds of debate. I understand the appeal of a place where people can be themselves without fear of being judged, but in practice, it doesn’t seem to be conducive to any interesting conversation. The issue is that many of the original 4chan users have moved on or simply grown up, whereas 4chan has been taken over by alt-light types. This is understandable. For a few years, I was a fairly well-known figure on /mu/, and my tripfriends were my social network when high school couldn’t. Then I went to college and realized how unhealthy it had made me, and I moved on. It’s fascinating to think back on that time of my life!
I don’t mind values or laws, but I don’t like the default settings on most websites.
Except for the people who were there, 4chan was totally chaotic and unorganized; there was no friction trying to make anything out of it. Everything about it appealed to me. But for a few readings once a year, I never have used it… and I’ve really liked the raw hand. It’s so frank and trustworthy because it’s so raw.

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