What is the daily snark

What is the daily snark

Dmv emails show snark & fights over new software

I’ll be happy to address your design requirements if you invite me to work with you. monogram logo for visual effects company designed by bo radC I enjoy making one-of-a-kind monograms, so I used this method for Colony Visual Effects. As the company focuses on visual effects and making the impossible possible, I decided to play with C, creating a bending letter with an impossible geometry theme using an Escher-esque approach. It looks fantastic with a subtle gradient, which adds another dimension to the effect, but it also looks fantastic in a single color. I went above and beyond and produced a lot of mockups explaining how this design could be used in a number of scenarios, which paid off in the end. Crafted by SevarikaTM Badass logo with a theme of a dead fly What do you think about this? #deadflysociety, an instagram regular, contacted me for assistance in designing a new logo. Although the theme of a dead fly isn’t particularly inspiring, we both enjoyed this badass pirate concept!
Partying in the Sahara, which conjures up visions of the Sahara’s majestic dunes, the stars, the moon, and endless space… It is a magical experience for those who travel from all over the world to participate. courtesy of VaartTM QuickFire logo design. Designer of logos and brand names for television.

“snark: it’s mean, it’s personal, and it’s ruining our

I also wanted to spruce things up a little while I was at it. If you can, call it a facelift. I wish I could claim I was involved, but I simply lack the necessary skills. Instead, Courtney from Judith Shakes Designs, who is lovely and creative, did all the work for me. She was able to sift through my deluge of e-mails and pinpoint exactly what I was searching for—me, but better! She’s also reasonably priced. My redesign did not necessitate the sale of a kidney. I can’t recommend Judith Shakes Designs enough if you’re thinking about making any improvements!
One of the nearby Samoyed clubs invited Gracie and me to come out and bring herding skills to the test. It’s one of the things they do every year to raise money for Samoyed Rescue groups, so I jumped at the chance. We drove down to Long Beach this afternoon to visit a research and training center.
We arrived at the location and let Gracie out, but she was only interested in a drink of water and a good pee at first. I wasn’t sure what to expect—would I have to give her instructions? Would I have to sign a waiver promising that Gracie wouldn’t harm the sheep? —Would they impose a set of laws and regulations on me? But the herding teacher had me lead Gracie in through the gate where three sheep were hanging out, looking like they were on a cigarette break, totally bored, like, yeah, okay, here we go again, and he had me open the gate where three sheep were hanging out, looking like they were on a cigarette break, totally bored, like, yeah, okay, here we go again. The only instruction I received was to untangle her from her leash.

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On the 13th of May, 2019, an Amazon fulfillment center in Sosnowiec, Poland. The Amazon fulfillment center is the first in… [+] The region of Upper Silesia is where Poland is settled. The 135,000-square-meter property is situated on a 21-hectare plot near Panattoni Park Sosnowiec. Amazon’s fulfillment center in Sosnowiec is fitted with a high-bay storage facility and is dedicated to shoe and clothing distribution in Western Europe. (Photo courtesy of NurPhoto/Beata Zawrzel via Getty Images)
Last week, the official Amazon News account attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren, writing, “One of the most influential politicians in the United States just said she’s going to break up an American organization so they can’t criticize her anymore.”
“You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you?” the popular tech firm said in another spat with another politician. Nobody would work for us if that were real. The reality is that we have over a million incredible workers all over the world who are proud of their work and receive excellent pay and benefits from day one.”

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After the head of Amazon’s global customer company retweeted a story that Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders would fly to Alabama in the final days of a union vote at an Amazon warehouse, the back-and-forth began. If accepted, it will be the first time Amazon employees have formed a union in the United States, possibly encouraging other staff to follow suit. In a series of tweets, Dave Clark, the CEO of Amazon’s consumer operations, suggested that Amazon is more radical than Sanders, who has long championed staff.
a third I’m pleased to welcome @SenSanders to Birmingham and admire his efforts to create a progressive workplace. I sometimes refer to us as the Bernie Sanders of employers, but that isn’t entirely true since we really have a progressive workplace. Fq8D6vyuh9 https://t.co/Fq8D6vyuh9 March 24, 2021 — Dave Clark (@davehclark)
@amazon, the vulnerabilities you manipulate were written by your armies of lawyers and lobbyists, not me. But you can bet I’ll fight tooth and nail to get you to pay your fair share. And stand firm in your anti-union stance. Also, battle to break up Big Tech so you won’t be able to harass lawmakers with snide messages. 3vCAI93MST https://t.co/3vCAI93MST March 26, 2021 — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren)

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