When a guy tells you maybe in the future

When a guy tells you maybe in the future

What it means when a guy just wants to be friends: from

Communication problems and misinterpretations while dating are one of the most common issues we learn from our clients from their previous relationship patterns. It happens so often that we dedicated an entire chapter in our novel, Relationship DUOvers, to it. It’s so convenient for us to think we’re hearing one thing when our man is really saying something else. We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 events to help you figure out what he’s really saying. Make a list! 1. “I’m fine!” – Believe a man when he says he’s fine. It means that I like things the way they are and have no desire to improve or add more. He may be content with who he is and how he has conducted himself over the years, and he has no intention of changing.
We’ve learned over the years from speaking with a variety of men that their words are typically straightforward, loud, and simple. As women, we often want to just see and hear what we want to see and hear, and we give more attention to what he says than we should. Writing down what he says, reading it back, and asking yourself, “Does this make sense?” can be helpful. Is he actually saying what I think he’s saying? Furthermore, when all else fails, his behaviour will outweigh his thoughts. Be aware of his behaviour and, in these instances, believe what he says! Let’s celebrate love! Visit The Matchmaking DUO’s famous blog here for more great dating advice.

A man will only say “not ready for a relationship” when

Maybe she’s doing that so she can fall back on you if whoever she wants doesn’t work out… or they’re just trying to let you down gently but it hasn’t succeeded…

When she says “maybe” or “we’ll see”

Personally, it’s not anything I’d say… and if I believe there is no hope for anyone, I’ll tell them because I’d rather they get over me than try to give them false hope and end up hurting themselves…
A popular practice among girls is to have a “back up man” on the side in case she is dumped or has some type of breakup. They’ll continue to speak with you, but won’t say anything about a potential future together. Get over her but act normal. Later, when she needs you, tell her you’re just friends and you’re over her, but give her the old “don’t worry, someone else will come around” lolol.
To keep her choices open, a girl will sometimes say that (just in case she changes her mind later on or needs someone to fall back on, etc). Some girls (and this does not apply only to girls) can be extremely self-centered. They like attention and therefore give guys false hope, even though they don’t really like you. In some instances, the girl just lacks the courage to tell you that she does not share your feelings. Or she doesn’t want to crush you absolutely, so she fabricates a story.

He’s not ready for a relationship? say this to him

Few things are more terrifying or nerve-wracking than a man in need of privacy. Whether he comes out and says he needs some room, or perhaps you catch him backing away… You haven’t seen him in a while, his messages or phone calls are getting shorter and less frequent, and you have a feeling something is wrong.
If you ask him what’s up and why he’s acting this way, he may come out and say he needs some space (which will do little to alleviate your growing anxiety), or he may say something to imply it in an indirect way, such as he needs to concentrate on work right now, or he’s very busy, or he thinks you should spend some time focusing on yourself. Worse, he may act as though all is usual, making you feel insane, even though you know you aren’t mad and that something isn’t quite right!
In the beginning of a relationship, when things are more serious, or even after you’ve married, a man may ask for space. Whatever the case may be, it’s a terrible feeling, and you can’t seem to stop your mind from racing and fearing the worst. You try and sort out what went wrong and strategize on how to improve the situation and get the relationship back on track. This usually doesn’t work; in fact, it usually makes things worse.

Ex says maybe in the future: making sense of what it means

But I’m curious: do dumpers really mean it when they say stuff like “hopefully we can try again in the future” or “when my heart gets back to 100%, maybe then we’ll really have a chance”? Does anyone have any experience with this, or have any of you said similar things in the past to make the other person feel better during a breakup? Assuming there is nothing wrong with the relationship, the person simply needs to sort through emotional baggage before they can fully open their heart to you.
Since my ex said these stuff to me, I’m treating our breakup as though we’ll never see each other again, and I’m not holding out much hope. I’m not hanging around to see how long it takes him to work through whatever emotional issues he’s having right now. I can also see that as a way for him to hold me around in case he doesn’t find someone else. But don’t you think he would have left that part out if he had no intention of ever seeing me again? It’s not like I asked him if he saw us ever getting back together, and I’ve never discussed potential plans/hopes of getting back together when I’ve broken up with guys in the past and had no intention of seeing them again.

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