Which relinquished tokens to buy

Which relinquished tokens to buy

Dauntless can or can not become legendary? – seeking

Now that Haumaturge Vashreen, the old relinquished 880 gear vendor, has transferred to Argus, he no longer accepts nether shards. Veiled Argunite is the new currency. As a result, the things that appear in the update finder when I type in “vendor” are out of date. For instance, it says I can buy a 985 shoulder for nether shards, but this is no longer possible. When you have time, please update the equipment list. Thank you so much.
Yes, of course. Thaumaturge Vashreen has since relocated to the Vindicaar’s lower floor, where he’s selling the 910 Relinquished items listed in the OP. This time, however, he’s also selling “Relinquished X Relic” relic tokens of each kind. I bought a Relinquished Arcane Relic from him, which turned into a Torn Fabric of Truth when used (Titanforged 925).

Opening 32 relinquished tokens

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How to efficiently farm and spend nethershards

What’s up with Thaumaturge’s Relinquished equipment? I’ve acquired enough titan res to purchase one, but does it have azerite traits? When you mouse over it, it doesn’t show any characteristics, whereas when you mouse over the more expensive gear, it does.
Every piece of azerite gear I’ve bought has been one of those six. However, those six pieces do not include all of the available trait combinations, while other pieces that aren’t specified on the vendor do. So, I’m curious if it’s possible to get a piece that isn’t listed in the vendor?
The reason I ask is that the top shoulders for spriest on bloodmallet are Shadra Silk Mantle, but wowhead only mentions them as being accessible from an azerite armor cache with a maximum ilvl of 385. And if they’re not available via the azerite distributor, there seems to be no way to get a 400ilvl edition right now, which seems like a major mistake.
Please accept my apologies, and I’ve found that Bloodmallet is lacking many Azerite characteristics, including the trait itself. This has happened on a variety of different toons. My question is whether or not these traits are “new,” and if so, when were they added?

Wow – legion – relinquished gear vendor

Artifact Knolwedge is one of the notable catch-up mechanisms in Patch 7.3, and the latest 7.3 Q&A revealed yet another catch-up system: new ilvl 910 Relinquished Tokens.

Opening 87 relinquished trinkets (patch 7.3.2)

Relinquished Tokens can be purchased from Thaumaturge Vashreen, who has packed his belongings and left the Broken Isles for good. He’s now in the Vindicaar’s basement, which is the base of operations in Argus for Patch 7.3. Years ago, my people’s world vanished into the void, and they were dispersed to the winds. I have a feeling some old friends will be returning to Argus shortly. Of course, not literally. 7.3 Relinquished Tokens are an upgrade over the previous version of 7.2 Relinquished Tokens. You can buy a token for a particular relic form, and the item level is significantly higher! Each token costs 650 Veiled Argunite, a new currency discovered through a variety of Argus activities. The following are some options for obtaining this currency: What about the Nethershards? You can still use them to buy fun things from Warmage Kath’leen, such as Legion Invasion Simulator and Arsenal: Armaments of the Ebon Sword, but you won’t be able to buy gear with them in Patch 7.3. There’s no need to stock up on Nethershards when the Patch comes out because they won’t be turned into Veiled Argunite. Unsullied Tokens, which generate ilvl 880 gear, are a new version of Dauntless Tokens. Similar to Dauntless Tokens on the Broken Shore, these are likely to drop around Argus. There are four weekly quests that give you the option of getting a trinket, legs, or cloak:

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