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Authentic or charlatan: ed mylett | $400 million net worth

A colleague approached me and told me about the ability to make passive income if I joined WFG. He told me that I could make money by recruiting people, that I would have to pay a fee of $140 to get my “license,” and that I would learn from the best how to market a product and hire my inner circle of friends and family. They primarily promote “recruit, recruit, recruit,” as if having more people is more important than providing their service. I’m not sure about this, but my colleague keeps pressuring and persuading me to do so so that I won’t have to work my 9-5. I’d like this to be a legitimate thing I can do in my spare time to support people and raise a few dollars, but something about it seems strange. So, what’s up with them? They’re MLM and essentially a pyramid scheme, according to what I’ve read. Have any of you previously worked with WFG? What are your thoughts on them? There are 39 comments. 86 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Mywfg story: help i got scammed by world financial group

Please, other people in the field of personal finance, assist me.

Infiltrating a pyramid scheme: wfg

My GF was invited to a “conference” with WFG, aka World Financial Group, in which she would compete in a two-on-one competition to enter our business or purchase our product.

Warning about wfg the multi-level marketing company

I’d like to meet the jerk and have a talk with him about how they shouldn’t dupe their mates into a phony pyramid scheme.

The impact of volatility in reddit stocks and yields on the

Do you have any suggestions about how I can handle the situation with my weapons drawn?

Infiltrating a pyramid scheme: wfg (part 2)

Any counter-advice is also welcome. I’d love to learn about the “performance” stories of those who excelled at work. There are 5 comments. Upvoted by sharesavehidereport56% This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Former sec lawyer on reddit revolution

We regret any discomfort this situation has caused you. We’ve requested that your WFG membership be terminated, your personal details be removed from our databases, and a refund be issued. Enable 10-14 business days for the credit to appear on your original payment method.
WFG is a financial services marketing company that provides individuals with a forum on which to develop a financial services business. WFG’s affiliated firm, World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. (WFGIA), sells all insurance products. The associated broker dealer is Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA). Individuals who join WFG, WFGIA, or TFA are considered independent contractors. To run their company, these individuals establish their own office policies, procedures, and code of conduct. They must abide by all insurance laws and regulations in the state. Please visit for more information.
Thank you for removing my personal details from your database and for reimbursing my affiliation fee.
Advertising/Sales Issues are the most common form of complaint.
03/24/2021 Status: Answered
Please accept my heartfelt greetings to whomever it may concern.

Jim cramer: reddit’s ‘wallstreetbets’ is targeting short

The WallStreetBets (r/wallstreetbets) phenomenon on Reddit could have forever changed investing if it follows the trend seen in other markets such as fashion and music a decade or so ago.
Hundreds of thousands of people are highly engaged and share their excitement online in the fashion, financial, and music industries, and they can fuel major transformations without actually having to.
WallStreetBets is reshaping capital markets in three main ways right now: Amateur market participants, also known as institutional investors, have taken on tasks previously performed by financial advisors, analysts, and educators, reshaping the market’s roles. They’ve introduced new perspectives on investing. They’ve also increased the power of institutional investors across the board.
As a result, improvements in the practice of licensed financial advisors, analysts, and educators, as well as institutional investors, have been prompted by retail investors. Some claim that greater transparency in investment strategies addressed freely online would “force greater transparency on the institutional side.” Instead of learning about investing the traditional way, through courses at colleges and universities, retail investors learned from one another online.

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