Ybrant digital share price

Ybrant digital share price

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Suresh Reddy[3] and Vijay Kancharla[4] founded USAGreetings.com in September 1999, and in November 1999, the company launched its first eMarketing product, the ‘Powered by USAGreetings’ engine. The company was renamed Ybrant Technologies Inc. in June 2000.
Ybrant Technologies officially changed its name to ‘Ybrant Digital’ in May 2008, after incorporating all of its acquired companies (Oridian,[5] AdDynamix, MediosOne, and VoloMP). With the name change, the company was reorganized into three primary operating divisions: Display Ad Networks, led by Jacob Nizri,[6], Technology Platforms, led by Vijay Kancharla,[4], and Strategic Initiatives, led by Bradley N Cohen. [nine]

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Brightcom Group Ltd is a service corporation headquartered in India. It provides digital marketing services as well as computer software and service creation. The company is divided into two segments: digital marketing and software development. In addition, the organization provides information technology implementation and outsourcing services. It serves companies, agencies, and online publishers all over the world with digital marketing solutions. It specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Microsoft, and open source systems development and offers enterprise solution offerings. The Digital Marketing Division produces the bulk of the company’s sales.


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