Youtube fake reddit

Youtube fake reddit

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A fake voice of legendary English broadcaster David Attenborough was developed by a Reddit user and is now being used to read articles on the site’s r/Relationships and r/AskReddit subreddits. According to Motherboard, the machine learning voice model was developed by a Reddit user called “youmebangbang” who took hours of voice recordings from Attenborough’s numerous wildlife program narrations and then used the data to teach the model how to sound like him. The model was then modified by a software developer and Reddit user named Garett MacGowan, who used another algorithm to scrape Reddit for posts to run through the model and upload the clips to a YouTube channel called ReddiTube. You can read Reddit articles about misplaced relationship advice and other subjects when listening to Attenborough’s legendary speech. “I (30F) caught my husband (31M) in an affair and I don’t know how to step on,” reads one of the clips in Attenborough’s distinctive baritone. For those who are familiar with Attenborough’s numerous beloved narrations, the project may be amusing, but it is automatically created.

Jenga stunt so crazy you will think it’s fake (reddit stream

I’ve found that some Youtubers get a lot of views in a short amount of time (like a day), about 100k, and the views are always even, so 82.000, 78.000, 134.000, and so on.

How i got 1 million youtube views on reddit

That seems suspicious to me. Is it common for them to get that many views in a day if they have a wide fan base?

Why youtube comments suck (and reddit comments don’t

One of them is also a Twitch gaming streamer with an average of 500-1,500 viewers. That isn’t even up to 100,000 views in a single day. As an example, he posted a video earlier in the day that has 100k views after 7 hours, and the stream begins with 500 viewers. What happened to the rest of his fanbase? Why aren’t you watching? I’m not sure. a total of 6 comments 50 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by brand new (suggested)

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YouTube’s rise to the top of the video sharing services on the internet was aided by a number of factors. However, the fact that it hosted pirated content drove a lot of initial acceptance. If you wanted to watch the most recent episode of Lost for free, YouTube was your best option: no torrent queues, just stream it directly from the server. Kim Dotcom noticed how pirated content fueled YouTube’s growth and reasoned that seeding some of that traffic could help MegaUpload grow. It was a big success. However, if you play with pirated material, you’re bound to get burned. Megaupload was shut down after it was discovered that the pirated material was a deliberate part of the platform’s policy, unlike in the case of YouTube.
Kim Dotcom’s email to his crew, which eventually led to Megaupload’s demise, demonstrates a very brute-force but successful seeding strategy. Platforms and two-sided markets are notoriously difficult to launch. When all buyers and suppliers must be on the network at the same time, the issue becomes even more complicated. For a service like Yelp, the customer side may gain momentum without the involvement of merchants. However, for marketplaces like eBay and forums like Quora, both the consuming (buyers, question askers, and readers) and generating (sellers, question answerers) sides of the site must be present from the beginning in order for interactions to occur. (These may or may not be distinct people.) This is because a standalone product (eBay, Quora) has no intrinsic value for a user without the input of users on the other side who make complementary products (goods for sale, answers). When users arrive on the website, they expect to see evidence of activity.

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Elsagate content thumbnails often feature familiar, family-friendly characters engaging in child-inappropriate or otherwise upsetting behavior. Injections, mutilation, abortion, and chemical burning are only a couple of the circumstances portrayed in such images.
Elsagate is a neologism that refers to the controversy surrounding “child-friendly” videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids that contain themes that are inappropriate for children. The majority of videos in this group are notable for featuring graphic violence, sexual situations, fetishes, language, narcotics, alcohol, injections, toilet humor, and potentially harmful or disturbing situations and activities. [1] While a few networks have used more complex techniques such as clay animation or 3D animation, the majority of videos in this group are either live action films or crude 2D animations. [2] Despite YouTube’s age restriction policies, these videos are occasionally labelled in such a way as to circumvent the platform’s inbuilt child protection algorithms, even making it into YouTube Kids, and are therefore difficult to moderate due to the platform’s large size. [3] In order to draw users’ attention and collect search results, their titles and descriptions include popular character names as well as keywords like “college,” “learn colors,” “nursery rhymes,” and so on. [number four] [5] They also have advertisements that are automatically mounted, making them profitable for their owners as well as YouTube. Given their objectionable and sometimes perplexing nature, many of these videos receive millions of views. [number four]

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