Youtube gaming historian reviews

Youtube gaming historian reviews

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Norman Caruso, also known as the Gaming Historian, is a YouTuber who creates documentaries about the past of video games and shows such as Mega Man and Super Mario Bros.
When Norman became dissatisfied with the lack of knowledge on game backstories, he founded the Gaming Historian. Mcfrosticles, the Gaming Historian YouTube channel, was established on July 17, 2006. In 2009, the channel was renamed Gaming Historian, and on October 22nd of that year, his first video, about the NES 2 console, was uploaded.

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New Jersey, United States of America Youtuber’s bio James Rolfe and Mike Matei of Cinemassacre Productions bring you a variety of retro gaming-related web shows, including Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays, Live Streams, and more! Since April 2006, there has been one video every week. Subscribe to James Ninten’s channel at View Recent Posts Get Email Contact
San Diego, California is a city in California. Youtuber’s bio Pat is a lovable character who often gets into arguments with his ROB the Robot and Donkey Kong plush when reviewing classic video games. Pat’s channel has grown into a full-fledged retro history lesson with ‘The Video Game Years,’ which features many retro YouTubers. Comedic reviews of classic games such as Nintendo Entertainment System games, the Completely Unnecessary Podcast every other week, Flea Market Madness, Ask Frank, and more can be found here. Since June 2008, 1 video per day has been uploaded to the channel Get Email Contact See Recent Posts
Seattle is located in the state of Washington. The Metal, a YouTuber Jesus is a long-haired rocker with a Heavy Metal soundtrack who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Gaming. He covers Hidden Gems, Buying Guides, the iconic I HATE U series, Gamer Eats, and much more with the aid of the Seattle gaming community. Since April 2006, 2 videos per week have been uploaded to the channel…+ Follow View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

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RI (Rudolf Inderst): Thank you for taking the time to read this, Norman! As a long-time fan of your show, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to finally ask some questions. As you can see, your YouTube channel The Gaming Historian has surpassed the milestone of 200.000 subscribers. When you think back to your first episode, what comes to mind?
Norman Caruso (NC): Norman Caruso (NC) Norman Caruso (NC) Norman
It’s strange to watch my first episode again. It’s like walking through a time machine because I shot it 8 years ago. Many viewers have literally seen me evolve and develop over the years! Since then, I’ve felt like I’ve come a long way.
N.C.: My father was in the US Navy, so we moved around a lot as kids. We lived in Scotland for three years when I was a child, and it was there that I developed an interest in history. My parents used to take us to all of the old castles, which I adored. As a result, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in education. I wanted to share the incredible stories that history has given us. I’ve spent my whole life playing video games. I spent much of my childhood playing on my NES, Game Boy, and Genesis. My interest in PC games grew as I grew older. I now play pretty much everything! Of course, since they are easy, I prefer retro or indie games.

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Norman Caruso hosts a video review show inspired by his passion for history and video games. Although most video game critics focus on games or consoles, the Gaming Historian also covers litigation, character biographies, personal biographies of people involved in the development of video games, video game-related books, and even a video game-related film. His Youtube channel is where he posts the majority of his videos. There is a website. He’s also a part of RetrowareTV, but he hasn’t posted anything there since August of 2014. Advertorial: The Gaming Historian cites the following examples:

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