Why buy z9 mini bitmain?

Why buy z9 mini bitmain?

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💫 Antminer z9 mini power supply

1. When your miner package arrives, visually inspect it. Keep an eye out for signs of injury. If the package is broken, take pictures of the state of the package before opening it and inspecting the miner. If the miner is also hurt, contact customer service right away.
2. Examine the miner for cosmetic flaws. Examine the miner’s corners for dents and cracks. Broken fan blades, wires, and twisted connectors should all be avoided. If you spot a flaw or injury, contact customer service right away.

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It should be noted that mining cryptocurrencies entails financial risks. These dangers may be linked to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency’s exchange rate or adjustments in the algorithm that is used to mine the cryptocurrency. We would like to emphasize the importance of carefully considering your options before making a purchase.
Note: The price of mining machines is constantly changing due to a variety of factors such as the cryptocurrency/USD exchange rate, network complexity, predicted difficulty rise, and algorithm changes. Requests for refunds based on these factors would be denied.
You’ll need an ATX power supply with four six-pin PCIe connectors. For a hashing board to work, all PCIe connectors on the board must be linked to the PSU. To power the Antminer Z9 mini, we suggest the APW3++.
Separate power supply for control board: the IO board has an external 6pin PCI-e connector that must be connected to the PSU in order to receive power. Make sure that all three PCIE connectors are connected to the power supply before turning on the miner.

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Hello, there. Someone offered me a few Z9 minis for $50 each, including the power supply. On ebay, I see they’re selling for about $100-$150… Equihash miners are those who mine with Equihash. I’ve never worn an Asic before and know very little about them. There is still a profit to be made, according to Asic Miner Value. I’m thinking of getting five of them. I’d like to hear from all of you who are still mining with them about their experiences with the machine. Are there any reliable firmware upgrades? Is this a bust or are these still worthwhile? I have a low-cost energy plan that costs $0.06 per kilowatt-hour. There have been 9 views. 81 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up To leave a comment, please log in or create an account. Sign UpSign InSort by Best

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Bitmain appears to be using strategies that we dislike for their Bitmain Z9 Mini ASIC miners in order to force sales of the larger Antminer Z9 SIC miner, such as eliminating the ability to overclock newer batches of the units. The original Z9 Mini miners had a drop-down box that allowed you to easily pick the operating frequency of the miner’s chips, and since the Z9 Mini overclocks well and works 100% stable with a 50% increase in mining results, this is something you can do right after you get the computer out of the box. The 10 K/sol Z9 Mini can easily achieve 15 K/sol when overclocked to 700 MHz without problems at 350W, and possibly even more if it manages to be stable at 725 MHz or even 750 MHz, but not every device manages to do so.
How do we overclock the latest Antminer Z9 Mini miners from the web-based interface when all we see under the Frequency drop down menu under Miner Configuration, Advanced Settings is Balanced, which reflects the default frequency of 500 MHz? It’s actually very simple because Bitmain seems to have removed the options from the HTML code of the website in order to restrict the overclocking features, so all you have to do is change the source code of that page and add the options yourself to be able to set the clocks higher. There are a few ways to do this, but the simplest is to simply edit the page code on the fly in Chrome or Firefox and Save&Apply the changes, causing the computer to run at a higher frequency. To inspect or inspect an element, right-click on the drop-down box where only Balance is available and pick Inspect or Inspect Element. You’ll notice a commented option for Turbo with a value of 550 MHz; you can change this by eliminating the commenting brackets at the beginning and end of the line, or simply changing the frequency of the Balance option to, say, 700 MHz. Simply select the line of text, right-click it, and select Edit as HTML from the pop-up menu to make the required changes.

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